The Power Of Your Smile (Remix)

Story Behind The Song

Have you ever seen anyone, or met anyone, whose smile is everything? I'm sure you have. Even if they have juat passed you in the street and smiled at you...... Well, this was written about someone I know with exactly that - a smile that was everything.

Song Length 4:10 Genre Pop - General


I never thought it could happen again.
Time wasn't on my side.
All I had to show for my life till now,
Was a broken heart and shattered pride.

When I felt I had nothing to give,
Nothing left to show but pain.
That was when you came into my life,
Showed me how to be happy again.

Is it you? is it me?
Could you be my destiny?
You know I've got those feelings,
I haven't had for a while.
But you don't realise,
It's the look in your eye, and the power of your smile.

Heart was racing like The Bullet Train,
Thoughts of you run through my head.
I need you to understand how I feel,
All I did was left you running scared instead.


Is it you? Is it me?
Could you be my destiny?
The one thing that I've waited my whole life for?
And when a chance comes around like this,
I'm gonna take it with both hands.
It's the love I want that I've never had before.

Maybe now it could happen again,
We got time on our side.
You're all I want in my life right now,
Don't ever let my love for you be denied.




Lyrics Bob Flanagan Music Bernard Roberts
Producer Bernard Roberts Performance Bernard Roberts

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