I Had It All

Story Behind The Song

I Had it All is about a lost relationship and, as the saying goes, not knowing what you've got til it's gone. This one holds a special place for me as this was my first attempt at songwriting. Beginner's luck, or hidden talent?

Song Length 5:13 Genre Pop - Rock


Do you know what happened,
To the road we were travelling on?
Do you know where the signs disappeared,
And we started to go wrong?
Straight ahead was happiness,
I didn't want to settle for anything less.
But I let love's mystery of success,
Slip right through my fingers.

If I only knew what happened,
We could be right once more.
I need a chance to prove I love you,
More than I ever did before.
All I ever wanted in life,
Was to make you happy and make you my wife,
But I let the best woman in my life,
Slip right through my fingers.

I had it all,
I never knew how much I had,
And now its gone,
Life has never been so bad.
I had it all,
You and I were meant to be,
And now you're gone,
Something has died inside of me.

You know I truly love you,
With all that a man can give.
And without you here right by my side,
I don't think I can live.
You're there with every breath I take,
You're there whenever I'm awake.
But please my darling, for goodness sake,
Don't slip right through my fingers.


Darling, please believe me,
I mean every word I say.
So give me the chance to prove I love you,
With a love that grows every day.

I made the mistake of letting you go,
Without ever really letting you know,
That you're the only one I can't let go,
Slip right through my fingers.


Lyrics Bob Flanagan Music Bernard Roberts
Producer Bernard Roberts Performance Bernard Roberts

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