Something Inside Me

Story Behind The Song

This is a story of two people meeting up, supposedly, for the first time. After meeting, and after a little conversation, they realised they'd met before, but years earlier, and hadn't realised. After a long beach walk on a winter's day with each other, they found what they wanted.

Song Length 5:58 Genre Pop - Rock


We met a long time ago,
Way back then, I didn't know,
That we'd drift apart then meet again.
Since then we've both grown,
Tired of being on our own,
We've revived that feeling I can't explain.

When we first talked I didn't realise,
The feeling I get when I look into your eyes.
Something inside me that makes me feel good,
That something inside me is you.

As we walked along the sand,
You held me tight when I took your hand,
On that sunny winter's day.
While I had you by my side,
You brought a smile I could not hide,
A warmth inside that took the cold away.


The night that we first kissed,
Is something I'd have never missed.
My heart jumped when your lips touched mine.
I held you all night through,
Together now, me and you.
The fingers of our hands entwined.

When I had to let you go,
The only thing I needed to know,
Is when I would see you again.
As I walked you to your door,
As I held you close once more,
I didn't want to leave you then.

When we first kissed I didn't realise,
The beauty I see when I look into your eyes.
Something inside me that keeps me alive,
That something inside me is you.

I know what you've been through,
And I can promise I'll never hurt you.
Time can heal the scar,
No matter when, or where you are,
I'm there when you can love once more.


Lyrics Bob Flanagan Music Bernard Roberts
Producer Bernard Roberts Performance Bernard Roberts

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