Everything She Wants You To Know

Song Description

A father reads a letter to his son from his Mother.

Song Length 2:27 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Pleasant Subject Mother, Encouragement
Similar Artists Paul Simon, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


Your mom has written you a letter son
She's full of hopes and fears
It's everything she wants you to know
That you don't wanna hear

She knows that you don't care to talk
Sincerity makes you blush
She?s written ?pearls? to guide you along
Maybe one day you'll want to discuss

Be kind, be humble and laugh a lot
Being wrong sometimes is right
Be clean, it smells good and be honest as Abe would
And popular doesn?t always mean nice

Learn to listen to yourself and others
But question authority
Except for the people in your life
Who love you more than anything

Study hard then have some fun
But learnin' never stops
What seems so dull and boring now
May one day fill your thoughts

And lastly if you ever need a friend or
Some motherly advice
Just read this letter that you have today
But a phone call would be nice

Your mom has written you a letter son
She's full of hopes and fears
It's everything she wants you to know
That you don't wanna hear

Very sweet sentiment, done very well. I liked the voice, the instruments, and I particularly liked the recording - excellent job! This is an 'advice' song, and it seems to me there's room for this type of song.

i love this. the message is beautiful...stuff we surely need.
nice introduction of strings....

How many times is it good to get a letter with good advice and have a lesson on life...song was simple in vocal and instrumentation but good for this lesson...vocal very clear guitar well played.

I loved this song so much. It spoke directly into my heart. It's a letter of advice and wisdom to a wayward son who is not ready to listen...but hopefully will someday. Expertly written, sung so sweetly and honestly, this performer has stage presence without even being on stage. The rhymes are great...my favorite was blush/discuss. The advice is so sweetly presented with great structure and word economy. Even though the chorus doesn't happen after every verse, it's a great one. Absolutely LOVE the guitar playing. "phone call would be nice." As a mom, I LOVE that too! Vocals crystal clear. Excellent production & mix. Amazing song!

"as Abe would! ha ha! Nice Touch! good use of srings Monumentous and very witty Theme Expertly crafted.

Heartfelt advice within a pleasant tune. A good legacy song, leaving tid-bits of wisdom to the ne generation. Well played and sung.

I like the rhythm guitar and the flow of the mix, I also like the lead vocals and the lyrics - sounds a little like B.J. Thomas

Lovely guitar, and the lyrics are very sweet. This reminds me a bit of a Jimmy Buffet song - Chanson pour les petites enfants. Nothing at all wrong with this; pretty, sentimental (without being saccharine) folk lullaby-type balled.

Beautifully captures what often goes on in a parent's relationship with and feelings about her young adult child. Accurately portrays so many things a parent would like to say but often refrains from saying because she doesn't want the door to slam shut. I particularly love the way you got in her wish for more frequent phone calls. The simple guitar accompaniment works perfectly for the song, as does the singers voice. Truly a lovely folk song.

Pleasant contemporary folk song with a bit of bounce. A lacy guitar adds atmosphere. A mother's letter to her son, full of advice he "may not want to hear".

Such beautiful guitar. I love this song - your mama has written you a letter - what a great idea for a song. I can hear this one on the radio. Great vocals - very easy to understand you.

Nice acoustic guitar sound and it's in tune! Thank you!! Mix sounds nice, the vocals are mixed into the track and not too out front. Very relaxing track to listen to. Very nice song.

Beautiful crystal clear acoustic guitar. Nice intro. Nice vocal. Well-crafted lyrics. Broadcast quality recording. Sweet arrangement. Pleasant melody. Touching theme. Well-performed all around. A wonderful track.

What a pleasant song!! I like the sentiment very much, and the voice and the music fit the subject to perfection. Bravo from me.

Lovely guitar and vocal.....really nice melody...... good message......really enjoyed the song.....

Lyrics Bobby Caputo/Susie Miller Music Bobby Caputo
Producer Bobby Caputo Performance Bobby Caputo
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