Story Behind The Song

The songwriters fell in love and wrote this song about their experience.

Song Description

Beautiful prosidy between lyric and music and the wave. Falling in love and discovering love is symbolised by the crashing of the waves.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Blissful Subject Joy, Madly In Love
Language English


©Gwen Holt/Steve Rice
Bluebug Music Publishing (BMI)/Fuzzola Music (BMI)
Administration: Aspire2Music LLC

Verse 1
Your touch was like a ripple
On a crystal pond
Started so gentle
Rolled on and on and on
Grew into this feeling
Now I can't control
The way my heart is pounding
It's like nothing I've ever known

Just one kiss can make me feel this way
When it hits it carries me away

Like a Wave - through my soul
Every time - you come close
Pulls me in - rushes through
You're the tide - and I'm the moon
It's a power my senses never knew
When you hold me love comes crashing through
Like a Wave

Verse 2
Flooded with emotion
Makes me wanna cry
I never thought I'd love again
But now I'm so alive
It's kind of overwhelming
I'm feeling like a child
Jumping off a towering cliff
Into an ocean wild

Repeat Lift
Repeat Chorus

Repeat Lift
Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Gwen Holt & Steve Rice Music Gwen Holt & Steve Rice
Producer Demo Publisher Aspire 2 Music LLC
Performance Demo Label Demo

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