Save Me A Place

Story Behind The Song

Good for a young male Country artist.

Song Description

Teens fall in love in high school and keep their love alive until death parts them. A lovely, sentimental song about undying love.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Falling in Love
Similar Artists Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


Ac D'Agostino/Boutros/Eidson
Administrator: Aspire 2 Music LLC
Time: 3:10

Verse 1
A dull and dusty high school hall was where he found her smile
He was locker eighty-eight, she was eighty- nine
Took a chance, held out his hand
Said the first day's always rough without a friend
Homeroom's just around the bend, science lab's next to the gym
The lunch bell rings 11:28, Save Me a Place

Chorus 1
Save Me a Place
I want to get to know you better
Just a little space anywhere next to you
Something bout' the way
You made me feel the first time I saw your face
Save Me a Place

Verse 2
A hundred love notes later they were talking bout' their dreams
Thought he'd take another chance and drop down to his knee
Took the hand of his best friend
Asked her to spend each sunrise by his side
She found that gown, they set a date, she snuck a note beside his bed, said,
The church bell's gonna ring at noon today, Save Me a Place

Save Me a Place
I wanna grow old together
Just a little space anywhere next to you
Something 'bout the way
I feel when I see that smile on your face
Save Me a Place

And after fifty years, he held his tears
And stood beside his bed
When it was time to lay two roses down
And he looked up to god and said

Chorus 3
Save Me a Place
I need to be her forever
Just a little space, is all I ask of you
And when the angels play, we'll be together
When I pass those gates
Save Me a Place

Lyrics D'Agostino/Boutros/Eidson Music D'Agostino/Boutros/Eidson
Producer Demo Publisher Administrator: Aspire 2 Music LLC
Performance Demo Label Demo

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