You And I Forget

Story Behind The Song

This song really hits home with couples that have been through the storms in a marriage.

Song Description

This isn't a song a young man could write. The lyrics capture the doubt and volitility that marriage can sometimes bring. This is a song that only the mid-lifers could truly listen to and think - yeap, I've felt that way a few times..

Song Length 3:22 Genre Pop - General, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Moving Subject Breaking Up, Regret
Language English


You and I Forget
© Copyright 2008
Lyrics by Gary J. Labossiere

It caught me like a wave
It knocked me off me feet
hands grabbing at the sand
I felt less than a man
Went swimming to your shore
to save us just once more
there's words that I regret

You and I forget
the longing that we had
we cut each other deep
crying in our sleep
you and I forget

My thoughts have run too deep
I'm fading with the sun
my life is incomplete
wishing I was young

what else could there be?
Without you there's no me
Is this all that we get?

you and I forget
the promise that we made
it's time to let it out
and settle all the doubt
you and I forget

Gentle waves won't you take me
and save me from the deep
gentle waves won't you take me
to a place where I can hold her tight
and feel her hand as we sleep at night

Now you and I forget
A vow we couldn't break
It time to figure out
what our life is all about
yes, you and I forget

Lyrics Gary J. Labossiere Music Gary J. Labossiere / Victor M. Velez
Producer Alex Krepkikh/Gary Labossiere Publisher Acoustic Edge Publishing
Performance Gary J. Labossiere Vocal, guitar, Kevin Keough - Piano, Alex Krepkikh, Piano, Percussion, Bass / Morgan Santos - Cello

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