Seventeen Suits

Story Behind The Song

This was one of those hooks that just happened. I started with a chorus melody, not really knowing it would turn into a country song and the words seventeen suits kept bubbling to the surface. The lyric 17 suits is literal, and metaphoric. At one stage in my career I had a closet full of suits and had to jump on planes and trains. At a deeper level the 17 suits represent the ridiculous amount of "hats" we have to wear at work. My own experience with downsizing has led to a job description that I honestly couldn't give's too vast. Some of the lyrics are derived from headlines with corporate greed and deciept such as the Enron scandal and Savings & Loans of past years (smiling while they're lying to your face). I wanted a more uplifting light feel to the song so I incorporated the realization that this job thing is only as serious as you make it. The line "when they lay me down" is a reference to being laid off, not dying, as one might think.

Song Description

Frustrations of trying to keep employment. The underlying theme is - do we really need all we have and what is the sacrifice?

Song Length 4:41 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Peaceful Subject Existence, Other
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett Language English
Era 2000 and later


Of my seventeen suits, I just need one
You can take the rest, wanna look my best,
When they lay me down, don't shed a tear
I've done pretty good, the best that I could
In my seventeen suits

Folks scurry up the corporate ladder
While I'm walking down the stairs
Seen too many traps along that way

Planes and trains and hotel rooms
Meetings everywhere
Where will my pillow be tonight?

My wife and kids barely know my real name
Life out on the road is too insane

So my seventeen suits, I just need one...

Not waiting for the heart attack
Time to get out without looking back
Let all those wanna-bees take my place

higher-ups keep dumbing down
grind the workers into the ground
smiling while they're lying to your face

Hey buddy can't you see,
I have a new grip on reality
The boss can't lay the blame on me


Detroit, Tulsa, Pheonix, Chicago,
Why don't they ever book me on a trip to Key largo

Meetings, projection, charts and graphs
Standards and measurements to kick your ass

The Email's hitting me from every direction
I think it's time to make a new life - correction

If you carry too much you're gonna break your back
You'll be feeling all jiggity-and wiggity wacked

Come on over to the peaceful side

Sing my song with a grin that's wide

Chorus -

Lyrics Gary J. Labossiere Music Gary J. Labossiere
Producer Alex Krepkikh / Gary Labossiere Publisher Acoustic Edge Publishing
Performance Gary Labossiere - Vocal,acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, Andrew Labossiere - electric guitar, percussion, Alex Krepkikh - slide guitar, bass, percussion, Dr. Van Latham - organ, Vinny Pagano - Drums

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