Mary's Back Porch Swing

Story Behind The Song

Just popped into my head. I did a benefit show for the Army reserves and was impressed with the strength it must take to leave your family or girlfriend behind and what kind of longing that can create for both. The song captures that devotion.

Song Description

Summer romance, young man leaves his love behind for call of duty in armed forces. Doesn't come back for a long time. The story leads you to believe this could be a ghost coming back for what is now an old lady- waiting for her long lost love. He comes back a young man again, is she dreaming or is this ghost here to take her with him?

Song Length 3:32 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Moving Subject Long, Infinity
Language English Era 2000 and later


On her back porch swing
Mary sits among the stars
Searching for a melody
She plays an old guitar

It was long ago
He came calling with a smile
And sitting on her back porch swing
She said please stay awhile

Through the summer nights
They sat and spoke of all the things they'd do
And strumming on that old guitar
He'd sing a love song or two

They were two hearts destined to collide
Fueled by un-leashed desires when he sang his songs
It set her heart on fire

When autumn came
He said I'll be back someday
She knew this moment had to come
With him a world away

On his last night home
He said look at all those stars
You'll see them all the same my dear
No matter where we are

They were two hearts destined to divide
seperated by time
when she sang his songs
It kept her warm inside

Now when she hears his name
It brings back sweet memories
His gentle touch, his quiet way
A promise on one knee

Then on a silent night
A sudden stir comes from that back porch swing
A soldier with his old guitar
And a song for two to sing

They were two heart destined to unite
The Universe is aligned
He said I hope my songs
Have kept your love alive

And then she looked at him and smiled
She knew that feeling deep inside
Would never want to let him go
And never want to say good bye

From her back porch swing

Lyrics Gary J. Labossiere Music Gary J. Labossiere
Producer Aleksandr Krepkikh/Gary J. Labossiere Publisher Acoustic Edge Publishing
Performance Gary J. Labossiere - Vocal, Guitars, Bass, Melodica / Aleksandr Krepkikh -Guitars, Violin, Uke, Midi, percussion, Vinny Pagano -Drums, John Leclerc - Alto Saxophone
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