The Ornament

Story Behind The Song

Memories of years gone by and the lasting hurt of first love when it suddenly ends.

Song Description

Love can be so sad during the Holidays.when it goes wrong. Sometimes a small gift such as an Ornament can become such a treasure for years to come.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Folk - Country
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


The Ornament

Feel as broken as the ornanent
Hanging on my tree
A tiny glass angel
From a snowy Christmas eve
Accidently dropped it
Broke in two
The only thing left for me from you
I glued it back together
The best way that I could
Put her on my tree
Hoping all would be good
Outside my window
It began o snow
Made me remember
Christmas long ago
Was walking to your house
Through 3 feet of snow
Nothing could stop me
Not even the cold
Love in my heart
Gift in my hand
What happens next
I'll never understand
Knocked on your door
You were not there
Your momma let me in
Had a message to share
My heart started aching
She was sad too
Gave me a present
Said it was from you
I wished her Mery Christmas
As tears began to fall
You had found another girlfriend
News hit me like a wall
On my way home
Wanted to die
Love shouldn't hurt
Leave you broken inside
Every year the angel
takes her place on my tree
For her and I are bonded with glue so to speak
We both have imperfections
Hanging by a thread
Another Christmas eve
And you're still in my head.
Feel as broken the Ornament hanging on my tree

Loved the lyric/story and the heartfelt presentation. Draws you in and makes you want to hear what happens.

I liked the arrangement of this song. The song told a story, which Country music is all about. The instrumentation, arrangement, vocals and production were all well suited for the song. The lyrics kept me engaged throughout the song.

Nice Holiday song and the piano backing is very effective. Super-original

Nice piano chords progression and decent production. Could fit any xmas based tvseries I guess

Very pleasant voice to listen to.

Sometimes a poem can be made into a song...this one definitely works! It's a poignant ballad about a broken Christmas ornament, which is the metaphor for a broken heart. I was in suspense until the fifth verse when I found out it was a break-up with a boyfriend that caused the heartache. Even though this is a very simple recording, the story is beautifully told. The vocal is "little girl-ish" more than full-grown woman sound, but it gives the song a childlike quality, which I really found appealing. Excellently told story, great meter and rhyme, fresh lyrics and thoughts. Beautifully written and innocently performed.

Loved the story but sad, voice sounded very youthful almost a whisper, very clear for the listener.. piano was right for the song did not over power vocal.

A quite charming song , with a lot of potential .

Like the emotion and the theme

Well delivered Folk offering. Vocalist delivers with emotion. Minimalist approach on instrumentation which allows the lyrics to be heard. Pro production

Lyrics Shelly Lee Music Shelly Lee
Performance Shelly Lee
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