Story Behind The Song

The lyrics are about a fictional character (Maybe) named "old rooster". I struck a cord and wrote this in about 20 minutes Ha ! I Hope you like it.

Song Description

Simply read the lyrics. ; )

Song Length 3:29 Genre Country - Rockabilly, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Sociable Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Happiness
Similar Artists Gordon Lightfoot, America Language English


Rooster Dale Robbins Sept.2014
We got moonshine on the table...and chicken.... on the grill.
A Em
When the big old moon gets a shinning...We got a party... up on the hill.
You can bet your bottom dollar.....
A Em
That old rooster's running that still...
We got catfish in the water...and the hay's up in the barn
We got a good notion for fighting...When the sheriff comes sniffing around.
*** Cause you can bet your bottom dollar, He's a running after rooster's still. ***
We got sweet corn in the valley, hey hey...and the melons... on the hill.
We got the prettiest girls in the valley...Lord they sure give me a thrill.
*** And you can bet your bottom dollar, that old rooster's a running them still. ***
*Lead Break*
You won't find no better friends...You won't' find.. no better town...
I said, You won't find no better holler...You won't find... no better crowd
***But don't you wonder threw them woods
Cause old rooooster's a running, that still.***
*Lead Break*
Yeah, Old rooster... he's a running still..
Old roosters out there running....yeah he's a running for the thrill
Yeah you can bet your bottom dollar... old roosters running that still. (Repeat)

Great song, loved the guitar solo, and your voice was very country. Great song.

Johnny Cash tune

I like this country-rock track. This classy guitar sound and Johnnie Cash-like vocals.
It's like going back in the times and it really works!

Very difficult for me to judge this song. I do not listen Lyrics seem to fit the Genre and are well written. The message really not my cup of tea but it is a fun song with an up melody and the vocals are certainly above average. I think the Hook could be stronger took a while for me to figure out the Title. But overall a little above average for me.

The song is lively. It is something you might imagine being played during a country party or maybe something you might hear played in a brewery to drink beer by. More than anything, the song is useful.

What a fun country song! Takes you right into the songwriter's world with great word pictures. You can almost taste the chicken on the grill, the sweet corn and melons. Maybe even the moonshine. Vocal is crystal clear - great performance. Instrumentation is definitely appropriate, well-produced and fun to listen to. Great groove! Keep up the good work!

Nice country Diddy here! Moonshine on the table---chickens on the grill-------You Got Me!

Great rockabilly number!! Has just the right authenticity, energy, and attitude!! Everything is done superbly!!

Man, this isn't Elvis is it???? I thought he left the room?? This has that Killer Rockabilly Sound, which will always bring the house down!!! Love the vocals from this singer and his Band is Hot, Hot, Hot!! Oh, there's also a little Johnny Cash in there too!! This Artist knows what he is doing, great lyrics also!!

This song is just way too fun. HAH! and making me darn hungry (its lunch time right now as I write this) What guitar is that I have on the left side of my brain? can't quite identify it. I wanna say Tele, but I don't know. Production value is great on this. Fun Lyrics. This thing makes me smile! ooo boy, the second solo is way to cool! Good stuff!

"You can bet your bottom dollar"That this is a fun listen..Great hook..Great vocal performance.

Great instrumentation with great story telling.

I like the sound of the drums and how the instruments blend together, I also like the lead vocals, sounds a little like Roy Clark.

Had my foot tapping from start to finish. Not a style of music I listen to alot but this had my interest. Instrumentaion is great and a catchy tune. Would be good in a Film soundtrack for sure. Could also work just released as a single if it hasn't been already. Good job!

Nice short intro which grabs the listener immediately. The playing on the song is excellent and is executed with lots of swagger. I particularly like the guitar solos which have lots of impact. Nice guitar patch too. The instruments are nicely balanced and the sound quality is great. The vocalist really suits the song and delivers the song in a compelling way.

Lyrics Dale Robbins Music Dale Robbins
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