Story Behind The Song

The lonely plight of the expatriate is explored in the song "Invisible", which describes the feeling of wandering through the high plains of South America, just a stranger in a strange land.

Song Description

Invisible is a medium-slow ballad with a traditional country feel, featuring legendary musicians Bobby Black on pedal steel and Joe Vitale on drums. The song explores the isolation of expatriate life, where a person can feel alienated both abroad and then back home.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Country - Traditional, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Poignant Subject Existence, Loneliness
Similar Artists The Eagles, Neil Young Language English
Era 2000 and later


Parvin & Patterson © 2015

When did I become invisible?
And why is there no sound?
As I walk alone on the cobblestones
Of this colonial town
When did we become divisible?
Ever since you withdrew
There's a hole by me where you used to be
That the puelche winds blow through

There's a song you hear at night on the altiplano
Playing to the music of the spheres
And a glimmer when the moonlight touches your tears

When did I become invisible?
Like a ghost on the Inca Trail
Floating free through the queñua trees
I'm their ancient misty veil
When did I become expendable?
Have I nothing left to give?
The Andalusian horse has run his course
With just his races to relive


When did I become invisible?
I'm the wind you lean into
The name you hear drifting by your ear
Of someone you once knew
When will this become unlivable?
How long will my penance last?
I live in fear I'll never reappear
And dissolve into the past

There's a song you hear at night on the altiplano
Playing to the music of the spheres
And there's a song you hear at night on the altiplano
Playing to the music of the spheres
And a glimmer when the moonlight touches your tears
See the glimmer when the moonlight touches your tears...

Lyrics Mark Patterson Music Mark Patterson & Lee Parvin
Producer Parvin & Patterson Publisher Distinguishing Marks Music BMI
Performance Lee Parvin: Vocals & Keyboards, Bobby Black: Pedal Steel, Sean Allen: Acoustic Guitar, Paul Olguin: Bass, Joe Vitale: Drums, Nancy Hall: Background Vocals Label Distinguishing Marks Records
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