open door reloaded

Song Length 4:58 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Instrumental

that guitar cries to me! very tasty love the buildup A+ Sound

Some killer guitar tones and playing on here! Nice and melodic.

Great Gilmour-esque strat tone! Lot's of potential. Nice work.

Lovely guitar work, Gilmour esque bends at play here. It sounds like Pink Floyd on a happy day. Very calming and the bends pick up that feel.

The song construction is solid and nicely laid out. Powerful lead guitar,quite moving.

This is really beautiful. The guitar work is superb. I like the way you added an acoustic guitar at 1.08, a second lead guitar at 1.48 and how you have changed the guitar patch at 2.10, all of which adds interest for the listener. Tasteful rhythm section which really complements the lead guitar. Nicely recorded.

Here's an easy listening rock song that is really pleasing to listen to. It reminds me of a band that just LOVES to play and the venue is closing down and there's one last couple sitting at a table in conversation and the band just keeps on playing so as not to break up the ambiance of the moment. That's where your song took me. I love your guitar playing!

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