Calm & Chaos are a rock/pop band from the San Francisco Bay Area whose members have toured the U.S. and received airplay on major radio stations in former bands. Their contemporary blend of guitar riffs and hook laden choruses have led to some listeners labeling them as "country without the twang". Check out for more info.

Sounds Like: Pat Benatar, Cheap Trick

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Calm & Chaos are currently in the studio working on their follow up to "Bad Decisions Make For Great Stories"


Hi There , thanks for reviewing IF I HAD SOMEONE LIKE YOU .
This is the second version of the song , and yes , I'm not sure of the ending either !
It worked on version 1 , time will tell if version 3 makes an appearance .

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Calm & Chaos

hey fellow bay area folks, thanks for your kind review of the minute chop of the full vocal of Let's Drive--if you are reviewing in the "can" competition, listen for it in the "upbeat" section and if you still dig it vote it up! cheers, Warren Hein

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Calm & Chaos

Hey I enjoyed "Bad Decisions" and now listening to "Stay Gone." The vocals remind me of Aimee Mann, and that's a very good thing.

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Calm & Chaos
over 30 days ago

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the reviews! ~Calm

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