Story Behind The Song

"Gray" is an expression of injustice against the masses. It takes wealth, concentrated in the hands of a privileged few, to multiply wealth. The rich become richer. Political promises are but shallow. Greed and corruption have become a global epidemic. Legal fine print, bind and control the workingman. As inflation shrinks affordability, basic needs elude many. Dual incomes are mandatory to feed the family. A hand to mouth existence is a luxury in society. The law and enforcers of the law established to protect the people turn against them. There is an uneasy growing sense of despair....

Song Description

Nonviolenze's new progressive rock single titled "GRAY" is dedicated to those who suffer and overcome injustice in today's world as in Ferguson, the Arab Spring, & the Occupy movements.

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant, Moving
Subject Protest, Equality Similar Artists Pink Floyd
Language English Era 2000 and later



Watching the world through bars of my window
All I can see traffic, cars, pollution

Those trees around me their beauty is sadness
Branches they seem reaching to be free

Yet they're so cold and impassive, unmoved
Thinking of only their ease
And then cool breeze around them
Dew drops on leaflets
Forgotten like starfish
Washed to the sea shore
Thrown to the cold wind by waves

Yet all must go on: Misguided disorder
Feelings blown like dry leaves in the wind

Talk of their love, their Passions, emotions
Yet all is paper, dust, disillusion

Can't they just see then
Their minds in disorder
Crying for feeling, for love
Savage perversion,
Controlling hunger, starvation
Masses are rising
Young blood is fuming
To blow them to heaven sky high

Lyrics Vishy Ramachandran Music Shrikanth Baratan
Producer Shrikanth Baratan & Greg Giacona Publisher Ahimsa Creations


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