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Wrote this about my experience with living in different places.... and now living in Vancouver, WA.

Song Description

A Song about the good and bad of living in Vancouver.

Song Length 3:19 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Pleasant Subject Rain, General
Similar Artists Hall & Oates, Warren Zevon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Vancouver - © words and music by Mark S. Ludes (MSL)

(song about the City)

You here people talk about their homes, and the weather where they live.
Some love the cold, some like it hot, some take just what they get.
Funny, how a change of season can make a difference in a life.
In the springtime everything starts to bloom and the people come alive.

In the fall the leaves start coming down in yellow, red and gold.
Ive never seen such beautiful colors, but its the calm before the cold.
Ive got those Grey skies in the Winter, and the butterflies in the Spring,
Got sunshine in the Summer, and Vancouver is so green.

But if you come here in the Winter you better bring yourself some sun,
Wintertime is cold and wet, Vancouver is not much fun.
But as Springtime comes and with it sun, it helps to ease your pain
Spend the Summer in Vancouver, youll forget about that rain.

V. 3
Sometimes it just takes you awhile to adjust to where you live
And the weather changes, good and bad, just be willing to forgive.
Ive lived my life in many parts of the big ol USA.
Vancouver is a special place. I truly have to say.

But if you come here in the winter you better bring yourself some sun,
Wintertime is cold and wet, Vancouver is not much fun.
But as springtime comes and with it sun, it helps to ease the pain
Spend the summer in Vancouver, youll forget about that rain.

Very unique take on Vancouver. I loved the fuzz tone on the guitar, which fit the song appropriately and didn't sound cheap like so many I hear on Broadjam. Overall it's a fun song and it certainly has possibilities if things were tightened up.

Interesting song about weather. Very unique from that point of view and could be used as a promotional tool. I like the feel and groove of the song and the instrumentation. Nice outro too with the guitar at the end. I enjoyed it.

Wow! Like a roadtrip to Vancouver! You've got some great recording skills-----------------really liked the start and the addition of the flute!

I liked the mix of rock, pop and country in this song. It reminds me of the southern rock songs popular in the 70's, which is great music. It had a fun melody and the intruments were good. I like songs about places that are special to you. It was a fun song, I enjoyed it.

a very different pop track. musically interesting/ the use of instruments the pipes etc. it works very well. good track
well constructed loved the music.

Really really good song. Has a nice groove and a cool guitar solo. The guitar licks throughout the song is really creating a nice atmosphere. Then there is a great and quite unusual use of some type of flute. The lyrics are simple, and easy to relate to. There's alot of stuff going on that'll keep the song interesting. Awesome song.

Lots of good things about the music:
* Nice guitar solo
* Like the flute thing
* Beginning of the song is kinda different and pulls you forward
* Nice groove
* Melody and diction are pretty good
* Mixing, stereo, instruments coming in and out, are all nice.

Superb balance and enunciation on the vocals and harmonies.
Solid gritty lead vocals.
High quality recording - among the best I've heard.

Lyrics Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Music Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
Producer MSL Publisher Mudlee Music
Performance MSL
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