A Summer In Hell

Story Behind The Song

Spent some time there - HOT!!!

Song Description

Having to go where work takes you.... spending that time in the Summer in Arizona - HOT, HOT, HOT!

Song Length 2:11 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless Subject Frustration, General
Similar Artists ZZ Top, Kid Rock Language English
Era 2000 and later


'A Summer In Hell' - words and music by Mark S. Ludes (MSL) ©

Well movin's never easy. It always takes its toll.
I don't like losing friends, or the places that I go.
For me it's not so easy, though some take it all in stride.
Move in, move out another sad goodbye, bye, bye.

Had to move to Arizona, in the middle of nowhere.
All I saw was dirt and sun, and cactus everywhere.
Sometimes you go where your work takes you and you do what you must do.
But sometimes you have to ask the Man, what did I do to you?

Well it got so hot I could hardly stand that heat.
Sunshine, so bright, and burning down on me.
Sunscreen, sunglasses, but really no relief.
Felt just like I was spending me a summer in Hell.

Break - solo...

bridge... Got to find me a way to cool down.
Got to find me a way out of town.

Well it got so damn hot. I could hardly stand that heat.
Sunshine, so bright, and beating, beating down on me.
Sunscreen, sunglasses, but really no relief.
It felt just like I was spending me a summer in Hell.

Arizona has five seasons. The fifth and longest one is hell. Need proof? Listen to this song! It breaks out with loud desperate guitars screaming for relief, the hard driving tune, lyrics baked in nature's oven, and leather tough vocals will have you gasping for air up to the last chorus! This song would do well in any southwestern action movie. I got a good chuckle out of it, too, because I live in Phoenix, where we often have temperatures over 115, yards are landscaped with rocks, and sagebrush gets trimmed like a hedge!

reminds me of 70's solid rock

Very ZZ Top, sharp dressed man, cheap sunglasses. Good blend of instruments in the mix. Quality guitar playing. Drums and bass are perfect in their performance. I enjoyed the halftime bridge. Some quality ideas in this song. Good hook, no doubt what the name of the song is or what you are singing about.

Nice driving beat with great guitar work and drum work as well. Really like the instrumental. Puts you to mind of ZZ TOP.

Nice mix, it has some punch! Good vocals and nice guitar work.

nice southern rock thing, molly hatchet,I would think you could get a bunch a tv and movie stuff with this

Great Rock tune with a touch of zz top in there. Nice guitar work and vocals.

Lyrics Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Music Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
Producer Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Publisher Mudlee Music
Performance Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
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