My Merry Rocketship

Story Behind The Song

I was working on a set of phonics songs for children such that each song was filled with words that begin with a particular letter. When I got to the letter "M", the phrase "Meet me on my way to Mars," came to me. So I stopped what I was doing and went with it. It turned out to be jazz.

Song Description

Perhaps when time here on earth is done, I might travel into outer space. This song invites another who may be traveling, to join me on this magnificent voyage.

Song Length 2:51 Genre Jazz - Classic, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Blissful Subject Rockets, Imagination
Language English Era 2000 and later


Meet me on my way to Mars,
On my Merry Rocketship.
Moving past moon beams,
Faster than Mercury.
More vivid than the glowing stars.
In the mystery of darkened space,
Is this memory of madness -
My imaginary love.

Are you real? Do you exist?
Is your perfection just a fantasy?
You're too wonderful.
You're made of stardust.
Nothing holds you to the ground.

Far beyond the journey's end.
Hiding in the silent space.
Time awaits to show us,
Moments when we won't look down.
Far beyond the endless worlds,
Magnificence explodes around.
A sound beyond sheer gladness -
My imaginary love.

It's a mystery. It's magic,
Unless you tell me otherwise.
The heavens can hardly wait for you,
And Venus implores with lonely eyes,
That wait for your entry to the skys.
And Mars weeps at night.

Not your everyday jazz tune. Contemporary composition and interesting lyrics.

Lyrics M. Caroll Shaw Music M. Caroll Shaw
Producer Joe Milton Performance M. Caroll Shaw
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