The Promise (Ensemble)

Story Behind The Song

Moved initially by Covid, to write this song of Personal Loss! The Music Is As enjoyable as the words! "The Promise", will however resonate with many, many more long after I am gone!

Song Description

The Musical Version of the Heartbreakingly Beautiful, "The Promise"! Hauntingly Engaging and Memorable Melody!

Song Length 4:54 Genre Classical - Post-Romantic, Classical - Post-Romantic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Moving, Relaxed Subject Loneliness, Lost Love

Wonderful Piano piece. I like a more minimalist production so this is perfect for me. However, the string accompaniment is absolutely perfect. Pro production. Well done.

It would be great as background music in the series in some touching moment. Beautiful strings!
It has great potential, because with all the beauty of harmony and melody, it does not interfere with the broadcaster's text.
A very gentle musical theme.

Beautiful piano and string composition

Music Jim Aitken Producer Jim Aitken
Publisher Jim Aitken Performance Select Artists
Label Jim Aitken
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Bob Bentley Classical 11/26/2021
Bob Bentley Haunting Tracks 11/26/2021
Bob Bentley Instrumentals 11/26/2021

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