The Promise (Orch)

Story Behind The Song

My singer of, "The Promise" quoted, "The Music of, "The Promise" is as Beautiful as The Words"! I wished to hear the Music by itself!

Song Description

The Musical version of, "The Promise"!

Song Length 5:22 Genre Classical - Romantic, Classical - Post-Romantic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Peaceful, Passive
Subject Spirituality, General

Beautiful mix, like the energy, elegant feel, but never pompous - remains buoyant and subdued at the same time. Evokes great images. Calming, Uplifting. Beautiful build at 2:40 and -- 3:30 nice breakdown, 4:00 again nice build. Great texturing throughout. Leaves the listener smiling. Lovely!

Well composed piece! Very "soothing" to listen to. The synth instrumentation was utilized and mixed very well; there was so much "depth" to this piece. I appreciated the dynamic variations.

I really like it , its very well composed

I can picture old wooden ships sailing for the new world or a cattle drive across vast open spaces. Endless opportunities for this piece. Stellar work!

Music Jim Aitken Producer Gaugolin
Publisher Jim Aitken Performance Gaugolin
Label Jim Aitken
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Diane RIDAEUS film / underscore 2/24/2023

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