The Promise

Story Behind The Song

Moved to write this song due to hearing of the much personal loss through Covid. However, this "Universal song", which is offered on Kimberley Dunn's Site, will resonate with many, many more: Long After I am gone!

Song Description

It is the singer's promise to communicate with their partner in a prayer once they are gone! Memories of their time together are highlighted and undying love is promised until they are reunited in a, "timeless place somewhere"!

Song Length 4:32 Genre Folk - General, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Prayer, Unrequited Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


"The Promise"
Lyrics and Music written by: Jim Aitken
Performed by: Kimberley Dunn

We promised each other, when one of us, went on
We'd say in a quiet prayer, how each day had gone
Out the blue, it caught you cold; no time to say, goodbye
Hope, you can hear me now, With heavy heart, I'll try
Your presence is around me, small things here and there
Though I cannot hold your hand, your touch is everywhere

Rest now my love,
Let your spirit go free
There's a timeless place somewhere
You will be waiting, for me
I love you still
I always will

I miss the twinkle in your eye, the love you shared with me
Your Hand in mine, along the sand, our favourite place to be.
Told someone the other day, "I've lost my rock and strength"
Wiped a tender moments tear, "I miss my closest friend!"
I think back, to the day we met, when first I saw your face,
Then forward to that bitter sweet, warm, but last, embrace

Rest now my love,
Let, your spirit go free.
There's a, timeless, place somewhere,
You will, be waiting, for me.
I love you still,
I always will.

As you drift away, my heart will follow
To show my love is true.
When our moment comes I will call your name
Place your hand in mine, till end of time

Rest now my love,
Let your spirit go free.
There's a, timeless, place somewhere,
You will, be waiting, for me.
I love you still
I always will
I always will

The vocal to instrumental mix was perfect. I appreciated the subtle strings. The harmony vocal to lead vocal was also perfect; great voices!

Quality stuff, beautiful voice and delivery! Pleasant to the ear....LC Team

Always love the sound of piano, nice and full. Great harmony with interesting lyrics and changes. Strong traditional folk sound and feel with just a hint of Celtic favor. Really like the way the song moves through its changes, holds my interest. Great work on the piano as well. Well recorded and performed. I really enjoyed it, thanks so much for sharing it.

This is a very sacred song. I felt it from the first few moments of listening to the last notes. It is the sweetest song of grief and love lost (by death) that I have ever heard. It wasn't just the great lyrics, but the way they were so poignantly sung...the song communicates that loss without bitterness. I love this line: Though I cannot hold your hand, your touch is everywhere. I think this is a song that I would have someone sing at my husband's funeral if he precedes me in death. (Don't even want to go there). But this was just 100% beautiful. Thank you for writing it, recording it and sharing it. I hope it is a comfort to many!

Lyrics Jim Aitken Music Jim Aitken
Producer Kimberley Dunn Publisher Jim Aitken
Performance Kimberley Dunn Label Jim Aitken
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The Promise (Lyric Video)

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