Breathe On Me.

Song Description

Spiritual backsliding in need of God's breath to revive. Thanks to my son, Ryan, for his guitar work !

Song Length 4:24 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Language English



I see that city up on a hill
That shining city I would live in someday
But lately I?m sliding, I?ve lost my way
Cares of this world can wear you down
The cares and the devil, they wear you down
Sliding, turn my night into day

Breathe on me, breathe on me
I lost my way
Someone call 911
Cause I?m coming undone
Breathe on me, breathe on me

So much comes in disguise
Puts on a show for us right before our eyes
Tricking us, tricking us with lies

Our lukewarm love
Something you disdain
Makes us lose sight
Robs us blind
Of the glory of your name

Breathe on me, breathe on me
I lost my way
Someone call 911
Cause I?m coming undone
Breathe on me, breathe on me

The end means more than the beginning
You gotta run the race to win
You say, ?Return to me and I?ll return to you?
And that?s what I?m going to do

Breathe on me, breathe on me
Lord, take me to that shining city
Up on a hill

love it.......beautiful voice great lyrics

Great vocals amp up this already solid Country song. Lyrics are delivered so well. Pro production all around.

Just a wonderful calm came over me listening to this. Took awhile to figure out who or what was doing the breathing...but I think I got it...your supreme being of choice, I guess.
Loved the vocal...kinda country...kinda Cilla Black....

Song has a really nice, relaxing feel.
Vocalist does a great job.
Overall a pretty song.

My favorite song today. Nice melody.

I like the way the song develops, the way the instrumentation ebbs in. Nice touch. Nice harmonies.

The instrumentation for this song was very tight and professional sounding. I must admit that I had a hard time understanding all of the lyrics.

I love your voice, it has lots of emotion in your singing. I liked the lyrics, we all need Jesus to breath on us. It was a good message, that is Important in this day in time. I loved that this could be deveral genres, but your voice makes it more country. Nice song.

Lovely song, soulful and heartfelt. Great vocals with a fine variety of instruments in the backing. It is difficult to be original with the hook for a song of this religious/country genre but this one works well and is still in my head several minutes later.

Love the vocal and instrumentation.

lovely ballad. great vocals. musically very nice with the keyboard and guitar parts. very nice song all the way through. very enjoyable meaningful and dreamy

This reminded me of early pop r&b from the 60's. The chord progression (especially the 1 to the minor 6) and arrangement were retro but that's a good thing in my book...Baby boomers will love this style of song...the melodies were well crafted...the chorus was unpredictable but that made it interesting...great pitch for movie and television back ground music...overall I really enjoyed listening to took me back and made me smile...good job

Great vocal, cool song!

Nice song! Great production and vocals. This is a very inviting song and I loved it. Thanks for sharing Good luck.

Nice song and vocal. Good job.

I really like the instrumentation on this song. Very well done. The quality of recording was very well done. The vocals were well presented and gave the song an "Old Style" Country feel, which was refreshing to hear. Nice song overall. I can hear it being pitched for background movie tracks or similar.

I critiqued this song already

pretty good

Good melody. Good message. Thanks for sharing.

really nice song i could imagine mcc recording ...probably an album track or in a tv show or movie

Multi-tracking adds to depth of song.

First, the genre is Christian, but the menu doesn't give that option. Interesting to note that. I love the beautiful, well-crafted melody and sweet chord progressions. Vocal is lovely & fits the song. Great hook! It gives us the image of God breathing upon the waters & giving them life. Excellent lyrics with vivid images. Tasteful arrangement. This is an outstanding song with strong market potential. Well done.

Lyrics Janet Murphy Music Janet Murphy, Ryan Murphy
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