I Can't Explain

Story Behind The Song

Most songs on this CD have an orchestral intro. I have removed most of these, as listener who are impatient will never hear the actual song unless they listen through the introduction.

Song Description

Rock tune, female character sings of travel through time/space and how she can't explain it. (this version has instrumental intro removed)

Song Length 4:56 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Power Language English
Era 2000 and later


You know there are times when you're given a gift - a gift you didn't choose. And sometimes you appreciate it. But other times, you wish it had never been entrusted to you. These are the times when you wish things could go back to the way they once were. A time when life was easy. But you can never go back. . . Or can you?

(verse 1)
When you stare into the mirror is it you staring back.
Are you certain it's your current face?
Could there be some trace of history that looks you in the eye
As you peek from distant time or space?

The reflection looks authentic but gaze closely at your eyes.
Do they capture some forgotten pain?
Only one of you is real, we never think it's the reflection
When the mirror sees our face again.

I can't explain it. I can't explain. No, I can't explain what goes on in here.
You see the rain fall. I feel your pain. I just can't contain the love and the fear.

You may think I'm just imagining the mirror shows me things
Like myself alive in times gone by.
When I see inside the future I can see myself in power
Rising high above with wings to fly

But the part that still astounds me when I see my own reflection
Is the image that becomes brand new
And I feel my self dissolving as I step towards the mirror
As I watch my body pass on through.

You know, there's times when I want to hide it. And there's times when I want to feel it. And then there's times when I just don't know what I want.
There are places where I go.
Kingdoms and people, places and times, darkness and light.

There are times when a gift received carries such a weight of responsibility, it feels more like a curse. Yet the responsibility is yours to bear, and the gift makes it all possible.
Though I am tempted to give in, I know I must remain faithful to the calling of what has been entrusted to my safekeeping, in this garden of dark inertia.

Lyrics John Lister Music John Lister
Producer Fingerman Studios
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