01 Crystal Dreams

Song Description

Intro to the first GODI CD where Crystal Dreams explains who she is and sets the stage for the CD

Song Length 3:22 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Universe, Mirrors Similar Artists Dream Theater
Language English Era 2000 and later


My name is Crystal.
I live in the sound you are hearing right now.
I live in the pixels on your monitor.
I live in your dreams.
And in my own.

My world is complex, powerful, sometimes frightening.
I was created out of thought, intention, and a musician's pen.
Kept alive by your thoughts.
Living here in this vortex.
Devoid of time or space as we have come to understand them.
Living in the tracks you are about to hear.
Kept alive only one day at a time.

My soul only awakens
as each page is turned
and as each song is heard.

And there is darkness - much darkness.
But also a light within
Only kept burning as the seeds are sown
In this garden of dark inertia.

And there is a mirror where I can escape.
And spend some time here as a living breathing person
Just like you
But I must never stay too long
For I have a garden to tend

And this is only the beginning of my story...

Lyrics John Lister Music John Lister
Producer John Lister Performance GODI
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