03 Time and Space

Song Description

A song about traveling through time and space. Hard rocker with occasional choral ensemble in the chorus.

Song Length 4:44 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious Similar Artists Led Zeppelin
Language English Era 2000 and later


When I feel like flying, I just let go.
And no amount of trying, crying, dying's gonna stop my show.
And with the earth below me, I go where I please.
And this vortex that I enter gives me power like some spiritual tease.

You take my hand in yours and look upon my face.
We'll fly above the earth immune to time and space.

(verse 2)
When I see you coming I fall to the ground.
I pass inside the mirror. My reality is all turned around.
And we fly together with such joy on my face.
Going back towards the future it's all good because there's no time and space.

(chorus) x 2

(verse 3)
Now I see a shadow appearing to dare.
An otherworldly entity is huddled by the light over there.
Now I see it moving, coming closer to me.
Why don't you channel what you need to say now you can play this guitar for me.

(guitar solo)


(verse 4)
Yes I'll keep on flying through time and space.

Lyrics John Lister Music John Lister
Producer John Lister
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Clean Clean

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