Goin to Town on You

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Engaging Subject Party, Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists Toby Keith Era 2000 and later


Goin to Town on You

It's a quarter past eight,
she's dressed to the 9's
she looks like a 10
that likes to have a good time
& this evenin' will be no exception, guaranteed

as she look out her window
tonight she sees stars
grabs her keys & a jacket
& heads for the car
she points it toward town, hammer down, & she's pickin' up speed.
She's goin to town tonight & paint it red she might not make it back before the mornin sun
Sometimes life can be rough, she's had enough
and this evenin, she's gonna have fun!
She's goin to town on you
I'll tell ya that right now
She's gettin even tonight
& don'tcha wanna know how?
She's doin all the things that you like to do,
in pursuit of pure pleasure;
She's goin' to town on you
As she pulls into the club
the lot's nearly full,
but right up near the front she sees
a pair of back up lights,
it must be her lucky night,
& shes feelin' very V I P

She walks into the place
the music's good and loud
She sees a good lookin face
standin out from the crowd
& she says "Cowboy up! baby dontcha wanna dance with me?
Good God she's Hotter than a pistol
all dressed in black!
& I bet your wishin' you could get her back!
Looks like she's pulled the trigger on your memory,
But it could've been worse buddy,
It coulda been me!

Lyrics Drew Evan Stewart Music Drew Evan Stewart
Producer Drew Evan Stewart Publisher Drew Evan Stewart
Performance Drew Evan Stewart

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