Back At The Ranch

Story Behind The Song

I'll take the 5th.

Song Description

2 greedy & knieve young men in league with a topless dancer who happens to be "connected" to a successful importer of Columbian marching powder, all screw up a simple drug deal. 1 guy gets shot. 1 guy gets busted, scared and rolls over on the dancer who h

Song Length 3:47 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Engaging Subject Crime, Theft, Cocaine
Similar Artists Nickelback, The Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words & Music by
Drew Evan Stewart

Jimmy never knew that twenty-two pounds could feel so heavy
And he's obeyin' all the traffic laws
Bobby ridin' shotgun wonderin' 'bout the brake lights on Jimmy's chevy
And hopin' that they don't get caught
Bubblegum machine in the rear view mirror, lord knows I wish I never took this job
Jimmy don't know, should he stop or go, he picks the pedal on the right and hits it hard
Meanwhile back at the ranch, sippin margaritas and gettin' blown away, is a man who'll never spend a day in jail.
Makin' twenty grand an hour, lettin' desperados take the fall, for every mistake made between here & hell.
V2: Tina never knew that 32 would see her dancin' on tables.
And she's analyzing everything.
Hands on her thighs, fire in her eyes, & a t-backs full of twentys,
But she's getting tired of this game
What's she gonna do with her end of the money? Mexico is nice this time of year
Tina don't know should she stop or go, so she does another rail before the show
Bridge: It's the risk that you take....
for the money, that you think you're gonna make.
But don'tcha' wind up on the wrong side of the fence
'cause if it don't make no dollars, honey it don't make no sense.

V3: Cops in the office wanna talk to you, come right this way tina,
And she knows that something has gone wrong.
Bobby got shot and jimmy got caught now he's downtown singin' (laaaa),
And guess whos name is in the song
Jimmy cut a deal cuz he's scared of prison, and arizona's nice this time of year;
Tina can't flip cuz she's scared of dyin' and this is not the news she'd hoped to hear.

Lyrics Drew Evan Stewart Music Drew Evan Stewart
Producer Drew Evan Stewart Publisher Charming Assassins
Performance Drew Evan Stewart Label N/A

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