Desert Man

Story Behind The Song

I am a member of the Gila River Pima Nation in southern Arizona, and I wanted to write a song depicting pride and strength in our desert existence, and in our Native American tribe. I want this song to be somewhat of an anthem that desert-dwellers and Nat

Song Description

Referring to a Native American heritage, Desert Man tells the story of an Arizonan from the Gila River Pima Nation that expresses his pride in who he is, and also expresses a certain arrogance in warning everyone not to mess with him.

Song Length 2:58 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Pride, Arrogance Similar Artists Toby Keith, Jim Croce
Language English Era 2000 and later


Well, I was born in Arizona . . . on a burnin' August day
The doctor took one look and said, "Well, I'm a-movin' out today!
Pack up my stuff, my wife and kids, and I'm headin' back to Louisian'!
Ain't no way that I'm messin' with this . . . Desert Man!"

Well, I was raised with the rattler . . . the coyote and the cat
A Gila monster bit my leg and then he died just after that
Well, I've been hard-baked by the desert sun, I've been blasted by the sand
Ain't nobody better mess with this Desert Man.

Whoah - oh . . . Desert Man
Whoah - oh . . . Desert Man
Well I'll take that eastern tenderfoot . . . and hide him in the sand
Ain't nobody better mess with this . . . Desert Man. Last time to Tag

One day a Texas cowboy . . . came ridin' 'cross the flat
Big and mean with cold, dead eyes and a yellow rose in his hat
Well, he thought that he was hell on wheels, but now he's eatin' sand
That's what he gets for messin' with this . . . Desert Man. To Chorus

Well, I hear a lotta people singin' . . . 'bout sweet home Alabam'
Ain't nothin' wrong with being glad and proud of who you am
Well, my great grandpa was a-livin' here before the white man took the land
I ain't shamed to claim that I'm a Pima . . . Desert Man. To Chorus

Whoah - oh . . . Desert Man
Whoah - oh . . . Desert Man
Well, I'll take that eastern miligan and hide him in the sand
Ain't nobody better mess with this Desert Man
Ain't nobody better mess with this Desert Man
Well, ain't nobody better mess with this Desert Man.

Lyrics Bob Villa Music Bob Villa
Producer Bob & Penny Villa Publisher Desert Man Music
Performance Bob Villa Label Independent

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