Follow You - Instrumental

Song Length 4:04 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Enchanting


D Minor really is the saddest chord. If you would like to check out the lyrical version of this song, please click Follow You.

I like the prologue, then into the piece... The very beginning is interesting... there's a story to that beginning? I'd like to know it.

instrumentation is well chosen, to mind

The thematic material is strong, the harmonic elements well thought out. I enjoy listening to this piece.

At 3:03, I really enjoy what happens between the guitar and the strings. I LOVE this part of the piece. The transition, then into the part beginning at 3:25 is dreamy.

Enjoyed the track. Nice vibe & a pretty melody.

Excellent work, and quite visual modern arrangement.

All kinds of good sounds in this...could be used for any back ground music....well played my ears had a very pleasant experience, filled my ears well

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