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Sidrak and Bokkus was formed in early 2009 by Josh Huntsberry, Nate Amos, Ryan Murphy, and Bovice Brown after collaborating on Huntsberry's solo effort "Fall." Over the last 6 months, the band has developed and polished both a universally appealing sound and an uncanny ability to portray emotion. Though the band members can hardly call themselves adults, they're style consistently attracts both younger and older audiences across the map. Backed by the triple songwriting (and singing) threat of Huntsberry, Amos, and Murphy, as well as a 35 original song catalog that only continues to grow, S&B has a song for everybody. Their self-produced debut album "White Noise on Black Paper" proves to a money-driven world that the best music is still born out of passion and determination. Even though they're still young as a band, S&B shows a level of musical maturity far surpassing others of their generation. And though the name may seem unconventional at first, the songs and performances will undoubtedly have the phrase "Sidrak and Bokkus" burned into the collective brain of the musical world as we know it.

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