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Artists Bio Info

Label/Licensing/Publishing inquiries: Tom Salvatori (312) 519-6470


- Iris Litchfield, Piano Composer (PRS)
- John McEwen, Composer and SATB Arranger (BMI)
- Tom Salvatori, Nylon String Guitar Composer (ASCAP)
- Michael Salvatori, Composer, Ensemble Arranger, Producer (BMI, ASCAP)
- John Catchings, Cello, Chamber String Arranger

BIO INFO/CREDITS - Tom Salvatori:

- Ever Ever On 2CD Release, 2010.

- Score composer for Long Glance Media Ambient art and Music DVD Productions, 2010. Visit for information.

- Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Matthew Schenk's short "Falling Roses" (CA), 2009.

- Music Supervisor, Chicago New Media Summit (CNMS08). Sourcing, preparation and presentation of music for the CNMS Launch Event, the September 15-16 CNMS08 Summit Event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, 2008.

- When Evening Falls CD debuted at #2 and enjoyed a comfortable ride in the top 5 on the contemporary instrumental radio play charts in the 4th quarter of 2007. This CD was awarded Best Neo-Classical Album of 2007 as part of the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards.

- Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues in John Haderlein's documentary "Junior: The Terrance Cottrell Story" (IL), 2006.

- Score/Background Cues in Pepi Singh-Khara's full length feature "Footsie & the Toe"(MD), 2006

- Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Corrine Fisher's "Window Period" short (NY), 2005

- End Credits sequence in Cavan Campbell's "The Loss" short - (Toronto), 2005. Premiere - RUFF Film Festival (Toronto) May 13, 2005

- Score/Background Cues in Max Cusimano's full length feature film "The Magician King" (CA), 2004

- Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Andrew Serban's "L.A. Dreams" short (NY), 2004

BIO INFO/CREDITS - Michael Salvatori:

Along with his writing partner Marty O'Donnell, Mike has composed and produced music for many different TV, radio and film projects over the last 35 years. More recently, Mike and Marty have created music and sound design for a variety of different games, including:

- Riven: The Sequel To Myst (sound design)
- Myth: The Fallen Lords
- Myth 2: Soulblighter
- Oni
- Septerracore
- Halo
- Halo 2
- Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
- Halo 3
- Hail to the Chimp
- Halo ODST (Two CD Soundtrack)
- Halo REACH (Two CD Soundtrack)
- Disney's Guilty Party

BIO INFO/CREDITS - Iris Litchfield:

Iris is a mathematician turned composer and possesses a First Class Honours degree in mathematics from London University. She started playing the piano at the age of 5, back in the day when music teachers used to hit the hands of students every time a wrong note was played! In spite of this, Iris passed all the practical exams for the piano and clarinet.

With her attention recently turned to composition, Iris writes beautiful and timeless contemporary classical piano music. In addition to her compositions released by Salvatori Productions, Iris has music released on CDs in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Holland and Korea. She also has a contract to compose for Northstar Music, UK.

The piano tracks featured on "Ever Ever On" and "When Evening Falls" were recorded at Doz Studio, UK by (late) engineer Ollie Nicholls.


John is an accomplished songwriter/composer with an extensive catalog featuring a wide variety of musical styles. John has written and produced 4 CD's of music, encompassing contemporary rock, contemporary country, sacred choir music, and New Thought music. John also writes music for film and stage. His songs have been published by the Association of Unity Churches Music Ministry, and his choir music is featured at and

Press Reviews


"Ever Ever On is the anxiously-awaited new album from Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield, following their award-winning 2007 release When Evening Falls. This new release is a 2-CD set with one disc featuring solo versions of each of the twelve pieces and the other featuring ensemble versions of the same twelve songs. The ensemble CD is not just a re-recording with someone playing keyboard instrumentation - these are live chamber musicians playing additional parts lovingly created by John Catchings in Nashville. The sound quality is stellar! The CDs alternate between piano pieces composed by Iris Litchfield, a classically-trained pianist and retired math teacher from England, and acoustic guitar pieces by Tom Salvatori, a classically-trained American guitarist. John Catchings appears with his soulful cello on all of the ensemble tracks. The rest of the chamber group includes violins and viola, bass, oboe, and French horn. The music itself is classically-styled with a contemporary attitude - gorgeous and heartfelt.

Ever Ever On begins with Ms. Litchfield's "You're With Me Still," a tender love song that is haunting as a piano solo and becomes achingly beautiful with the addition of cello. What a way to start! Next up is Salvatori's elegant and mysterious "Ghosts of Levigliani," arranged for nylon string guitar and string quartet. "Escher's Lullaby" is a fascinating trio for guitar, cello, and oboe - an unusual combination that really works with each instrument's unique voice. I love both versions of "Blue Horizon" - solo piano and piano with string quintet - graceful, melancholy, and full of longing. "Whirlpool Song" returns to the guitar/cello/oboe trio - enchanting and soulful! "Dark Round" is a lovely slow, somber duet for cello and guitar. "To You With Love" is another favorite, this time a trio for piano, cello, and bass. Tender and gentle yet passionate, it soars while touching the heart. The closing track is the dark and mysterious "Folk Dance" for guitar, violin, cello, and bass. It is a slow and serious dance with a distinct Renaissance flavor. A gorgeous ending to an outstanding album!

Ever Ever On is certain to be on my Favorites list for the year! Give your ears and your mind a real treat and check this one out! It is available from Amazon and CD Baby. I give it my highest recommendation!" - Kathy Parsons,, 2010.


"The two composers (Salvatori and Litchfield) were obviously simpatico when it came to the aim of When Evening Falls, the title of which aptly portrays the mood evoked by the music. Peaceful, somber, warm, nostalgic and reflective, the CD is emblematic of what I refer to as "autumn afternoon music," meaning it's suited for grey skies, falling leaves, and a crisp bite to the air. Whether one bathes in this music while seated before a fire, or perhaps driving through rolling hillsides and small rural towns dressed in gold and red for the season, When Evening Falls weaves a comforting web of warm yet often sad or reflective music.

From every perspective, When Evening Falls is a splendid recording and a must have for lovers of gentle "nighttime" acoustic instrumental music." Highly recommended. Rating: Excellent - Bill Binkelman, Binkelman's Corner, NAR, 2007

"When Evening a wonderful, dusky dream-filled album with fourteen tracks of pastoral and contemporary tunes that will inspire, relax and alleviate stress.

Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield, both classical trained composers, have united on this contemporary album in the spirit of harmony in a figurative and literal sense. Additionally, the music is far more mellifluous for the talents of cellist John Catchings who joins them on several cuts.

For a soothing interlude of warm, peaceful music, you cannot do much better than Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield. - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board, NAR, 2007

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