"Sally Jayne" was created by Marcos Rene Rogers in the Fall of 2003 after coming back home from a tour with the Army in Afghanistan. Marcos wanted to create a band that was real and soulful, which speaks to the heart and the human condition on all levels. After finding local talents Erik Beall on Bass, Seth Thomas on Lead Guitar, and TJ Hall on drums, together they were able to release their creativity on the local scene with full force and an explosive live show.

Since the creation of "Sally Jayne", they have won two different local and state Battle of the Bands, been played on Rock 93.9 "15 minutes of Fame" and WCPR 97.9 "Homegrown" shows receiving extremely positive appraisal from local listeners. Their song "Feel" has been the #1 most requested song by WCPR 97.9 "Homegrown Show" in Biloxi, MS. Marcos, Erik, Seth, and TJ's drive for success sets them apart from other groups by their willingness to strive for something bigger and better than themselves.

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"Feel" has been selected by Quickstar Productions to be placed on "Chill Out: Volume 17" which is out now on all digital distribution site! Thank You for all your support.


"I've heard that before...", "I know that band...", "That song sounds like it should be on the radio right now..." All of these comments have been said about "Sally Jayne", a hard working Southern Rock band from Mississippi that wanted to create a unique sound. Marcos Rene Rogers (Vocals/Guitar), Seth Thomas (Lead Guitar), Erik Beall (Bass), and TJ Hall (Drums) wanted to create a sound that was familiar and exciting at the same time. They wanted to create a sound that encompassed all of the senses, experiences, and memories of ones life. Lyrical purity and strong musicianship mixed with flowing melody paint a portrait for listeners that are wholesome, deep, and soothing. "We have 3 to 5 minutes to write a novel, have it make sense, and bring the listener in without sounding fake." - Marcos. "We wanted to write a song that someone had to listen to when they woke up in the morning and went to bed at night; songs that helped someone through dark times or helped them remember someone who has passed." - Marcos. Their popularity was sparked after their first big win in the 2004 Jagermeister Battle of the Bands hosted by Rock 93.9 in Jackson, MS. In 2005, Sally Jayne's song "Feel" was the #1 requested song on 97.9 WCPR's "Homegrown" show in Biloxi, MS. Regardless of their overall status, they will continue to stay grounded and work hard, attracting people by their sound, skill, and down to earth personalities. Their diligence, self-promotion, and energetic live performances will continue to place these skillful musicians heads and shoulders above the rest.

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