Rosemary Gates exploded onto the scene in '00 with the release of their debut album Shine. The success of the single "Free" led to sizeable record sales, 70 shows played, and label attention (Universal, J Records, Atlantic, others), in addition to radio play in various cities across the country. After the success of Shine, the band headed back to the studio. "Myth & Judgment (2006) is a different kind of RG record," said bassist Bryan Bankson. "Although it has many of the same elements as Shine, it is a darker album and more experimental." In 2009, the band is touring in support of Myth & Judgment & writing & producing material for a new disc due out summer 2009. "This is a very exciting time. In addition to the release of Myth & Judgment, we have recently sold music to television & are expanding to film. We are also in the process of mixing a 5.1 surround version of Myth & Judgment," adds Archbold. "We are actively seeking creative ways to present our music to demanding audiences."

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"Gnosis" has cracked several Top Ten charts:
Indiana (#1)
National Hard Rock (#1)
National Up-Tempo (#9)
Midwest (#10)

"People" has cracked several Top Ten charts:
Indiana (#2)
Midwest (#7)
National Proressive Rock (#2)
National Rock (#6)

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Rosemary Gates

Rosemary Gates - A Brief History

Formed in 1996, Rosemary Gates are Midwest Music scene veterans. They exploded onto the scene in 2000 with the release of their independent debut album Shine on King James Records. This led to the band's first single, "Free," being released to radio. The success of "Free" in turn led to sizeable record sales, 65 shows played, and record label attention (Universal, J Records, others), with additional radio play in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Houston, and New Mexico. A darker, more experimental kind of RG record the band released Myth & Judgment in 2007 to critical acclaim. The album was chosen as the Best Rock Release of 2007 by the readers of WhatzUp Magazine in Northeast Indiana. The band is currently writing & producing material for a new disc due out winter/spring 2009. In addition the band is in the process of producing a video release of Myth & Judgment along with documentary footage of the band's storied history.

The band has varied influences reflected by the eclectic backgrounds of its members. Influences include Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, James Taylor, George Clinton, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Kings X, Live, Radiohead. The bands sound can be described as Matchbox 20 meets Pearl Jam meets Pink Floyd meets Stone Temple Pilots with a little Hootie & the Blowfish and John Melencamp mixed in.

*Myth & Judgment (LP - 2006 - King James Records)
*Shine (LP - 2000 - King James Records)
*Shining Rain (EP - 1999 - King James Records)

*Free (2000 King James Records - WEJE Fort Wayne 65+ spins per week, WBYR Fort Wayne 25+ spins per week, WXKE Fort Wayne 10 spins per week, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, New Mexico)
*Shining Rain (2000 King James Records - WEJE Fort Wayne 40+ spins per week)
*Fallen (2000 King James Records - WMEE Fort Wayne)
*Horses (2000 King James Records - WEJE Fort Wayne
*Broken Waves (2006 King James Records)
*Gnosis (2006 King James Records - WBYR Fort Wayne)

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