Used to be in semi pro bands in the 70s 80s and 90s. Two of the bands (Gemini and Stag) appeared at Windsor Free festival 1973. One band (Shoot the Butler) released an indie album in 1985 (cut at Abbey Road). Still recorded stuff in colabaration until late 90s. Gave up writing until last year, when I splashed out on a guitar/mic interface, recording software and a new mic. Now working on an album called "Never Surrender".

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My latest album "Nymphomania Blues" is available now. Visit my webpage to listen. Links to purchases included. 


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Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago to Ron D Bowes

Thank you Ron, for the *****s and PL on "Unbearable", collaboration with Thierry Coupey. We appreciate you stopping by for a listen. Merry Christmas!

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Ron D Bowes
over 30 days ago

NP - have a merry xmas Cyndi

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Ron D Bowes

Ron, great version of "Gimme Shelter" 5 stars & Likes...
The Corey's From So Cal. USA!!
Oh, If you get a chance, come on down and have a listen to some of our tunes!!

RTTM Music Group
over 30 days ago to Ron D Bowes ities
Its worth checking out!

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