I am a Southern California based Country/Americana songwriter with four demos currently being reviewed by Nashville publishers for direct artist pitches and sync/licensing opportunities. Unfortunately, the forwarding A&R agency, of which I was a member, will not reveal the names of the publisher (company policy per their Calabasas based CEO). Rather than wait for a callback that may never come, I've upgraded my Broadjam membership and will submit my demos to the appropriate opportunities listed. Having reviewed their submission policy, I strongly believe they offer a more transparent and songwriter friendly tracking system that will keep me in the loop and keep me up-to-date on the status of any demos they may forward.

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I've just posted my most recent demos to the Broadjam site: Ready For A Ring, Look Out Below, Do Not Disturb, Mean Man, American, and You Don't Leave Here 'Til You Lose. My prior submission were written and demoed all the way back to 2004, so I am not planning to submit those cuts to any current opportunities, but it is my belief that an interested publisher will access them to review my overall writing style and story telling skills.

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None at this time.

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I'm strictly a songwriter.....not a performer....give me a decent voice, however, and I would most likely go solo.


Dylan, Neil Young, Smokey, the Stones, Don Henley, Tom Petty, etc.......... anyone who can deliver cool lines and a big hook....


Writing has always been part of my life. I minored in Journalism at San Diego State and produced news shows for their student station. After graduation, I was a freelance writer and eventually became head copy writer/editor for a company in San Francisco. After toiling in corporate fiction, I returned to Southern California with an eye on the entertainment field. I wrote sitcom scripts and pitched movie of the week treatments to several studios. That's when I first learned of the term unsolicited material. Frustrated with the whole process, I eventually went into business for myself and have been self employed in a non-writing field for over twenty years. The creative side of me refused to rest, however, and I was drawn back into writing (this time songwriting) curious to see if I could be any good at it, i.e., write something better than what was playing on the radio. That was seven years ago. I was addicted from the start. A lot of bad songs are behind me and better songs ahead. That's my continued attitude as I remain dedicated to perfecting the craft.


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