Rockthisway Music Group specializes in "Creating Music that will Touch the World". We are a group of songwriters & producers that are headed up by B.L.Phillips and Michael T. Weatherbe.

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Production credits include Keeya Faison, Beyond the Veil w/ Apostle B.L.Phillips, Michael T., and Troy & Trina Davis. Currently in studio with Wayne Withers and in pre-production for upcoming Live release from Beyond the Veil.
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Hello Michael, Thanks for reviewing La La Life. It has really fun actions. Mrs. Kate

Hi Michael... my comment got away before I was done.... suffice it to say, your music is outstanding and moving. Keep it up and all the best to you. Take good care.

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Thank you very much. Very much appreciated...

Hi Michael,
I just had the pleasure of doing a random review and landing on your song, "Praise the Lord". You have it going on big-time my friend.

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Thank You sir...Much appreciated

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