from Montreal Canada Robb Is a graduate of Recording Arts Canada.
his Passion has always been writing music.a Multi-instrumentalist his music tastes kinda like you would probably get if you took pink Floyd, Dallas green and U2, put them in a blender with some ice Coldplay and added a dash of pearl jam.

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I like the sound of that "" ;)

Lefty that swings both ways!!

Hi Everybody!
A lot of people kind of freak out a little the first time they see me flip between left and right handed instruments. they usually have a few questions so I thought I would Answer A few of the most common ones here. I started out playing right handed guitar because I was very young and couldn't afford to buy my own so I just played other peoples. I did that for about 3 years. by the time I got my first, I was 14 And took a couple of lessons. The first thing my teacher made me do was flip my strings around to be left handed. I remember how frustrating that was. It felt like I was starting from scratch!
After while I started to really reap the benefits, especially on electric. It was so much easier to play lead with a left handed guitar!! I kept playing right too, particularly on acoustic, I found myself writing a lot of songs using unusual chord voicings that would probably break your fingers if you tried to play them the traditional (i.e. right handed) way.
I have a wonderful mandolin that is right handed that I play all the time. I have never even TRIED a left handed one....


Some of the gear I use:

antique (1906) mandolin
adagio digital baby grand piano
takamine acoustic guitar
martin dx1 acoustic guitar
alesis 3630 compressor
alesis micro limiter
2 x audio technica 4033CL microphones
2 x karma audio silver bullet microphones
cascade fathead ribbon microphone
behringer ultragain pro tube preamp
m-audio mx5a powered monitors
behringer B2031A truth powered monitors
m-audio radium 49 midi controller
novation REmote 31sl midi controller
boss dr670 rhythm machine
roland jv-1010 sound module
toshiba laptop
hp laptop
yamaha classical guitar
fender classical guitar
godin exit 22 lefty electric guitar
aria 12 string acoustic
norman 12 string acoustic
vantage electric 12 string
pearl export series drums
roland dr20 mic
roland vs 2480 cd 64 channel digital hard disk recorder
m-audio fastrack pro
reason 5
record 1.5
sonar 6
protools 8
line 6 pod x3 live multi effects
zoom G7.1ut multi effects
digitech legend multieffects
roland jc-190 4x10 guitar amp
peavy 250 watt 4 channel pa system
yamaha 6 string acoustic
custom made lefty violin
hohner 8 harmonica set with case
zoom h4 pocket studio
burstwood electric guitar
sx custom handmade bass
agile dauntless electric guitar
rolls rp220
behringer hps300 headphones
2 x yamaha headphones
korg electribe
roland gr 20 guitar synth system
2 x yamaha pr series keyboards
dbx preamp
whirlwind d.i.
L.R. Baggs para acoustic D.i.
fender frontman 25r guitar amp
danelectro coolcat distortion

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robb spencer
over 30 days ago to robb spencer

working real hard on both my studio and songwriting chops.
trying out a berklee online course and buying lots of great gear!!!!

over 30 days ago to robb spencer

Hi, i hope you make me a connection. Just a heads up to let you know that as a celebration of my first year on broadjam and with my new studio just opened, I am offering to fully remaster two of any of your songs for free. I will send back to you a fully remastered wav and a mp3 file all for no charge. If you are interested please get in touch with me, all i need off you is two song mixes in wav or aiff format 44.1 khz 16 or 24 bit. i will be able to give you a better remaster if there is no compression or stereo effects on the mix. just send the two mixes to my studio address and i will remaster the mixes and get them back to you in wav and mp3 formats within 3-4 days of me getting the mixes from you. if you have any further questions please contact me either thu broadjam or my studio email address-thanks

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