Sounds Like: George Lynch, Joe Satriani

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Completing a 16 song whirlwind writing/recording freezing Robbe is getting ready to emerge from the shadows.

Guitarist, Musician, and Songwri

Robbe started blazing his own unique style at 13 years old. After a tour with the USMC in Desert Storm, Robbe Zappa got back to honing his insightful gift of melodies and harmonies with his masterful guitar technique, melting his passion for music, zest for life and past experiences into a reminiscent Satriani style to share with the world. Like a modern day Todd Rundgren Robbe Zappa not only is a songwriter, but a multi-talented musician skilled at acoustic, electric and bass guitar, mandolin, piano, keyboards and whatever else you throw in front of him. Many will testify that technical backgrounds and musicians seem to go hand-in-hand...that's the case with Robbe as he also possesses a BS in EE and CompSci. He has leveraged these skills into designing and building his own recording studio, guitars, blazing tube amps and earth shattering speaker cabinets. His use of computers gives him the leverage of cutting edge technologies in his studio.


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