"I remember that night like it was yesterday," Pisano says. "The anticipation. The excitement. It was February 9, 1964. The Beatles would appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. To an impressionable 12-year-old boy nothing else mattered in the world," continues Pisano. "Man, they were great! Soon thereafter, my parents bought me my first guitar. From that moment on, "I was hooked on this thing called the music business." Ever since that night Rick Pisano has displayed a consistent passion for his musical endeavors. His acclaimed album "Dawn of a Waking Man" showcases the singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/arranger as that rare artist who can truly entertain and elicit emotion from the listener.

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The highly acclaimed debut album of the dynamic singer/songwriter/guitarist who also produced and arranged this emotionally charged/primarily Blues, Classic Rock album. Also featuring some additional genre gems which will truly inspire.

Introducing "RICK PISANO"

Independent Boston area singer/songwriter/guitarist Rick Pisano has come a long way from New York's famed Brill Building and 1650 Broadway where as a young man he walked the lonely corridors with a guitar, a briefcase and a dream. The result of his journey? The intensely honed CD, 'Dawn Of A Waking Man." Pisano, with his gritty, sensual voice bursting with passion, provides each listener with a lifetime's worth of emotional drama in each song. The entertaining, primarily Blues inspired album also features some unique genre gems. Included is a romantic ballad influenced by the 'Breakers Mansion" in Newport, Rhode Island, an upliftling Folk song about hope and a rousing, emotionally charged Gospel song utilizing a full backup choir which is sure to get you singing along. All of which was meticulously arranged and produced by Pisano. Mr. Pisano has been featured as the "BluesBreaker" on the nationally syndicated House of Blues Radio Hour Show with Dan Aykroyd, chosen directly by co-founder Lou Plaia of the acclaimed music site "ReverbNation" to be a featured Blues artist, twice featured on the nationally syndicated Blues Deluxe Show from Texas with Dave Johnson, featured in Elmore Magazine (New York), featured in a successful introductory "Triple A" radio promotion in conjunction with veteran promoter Peter Hay of Twin Vision (New York), and featured on many prominent terrestrial and internet radio stations worldwide.

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Tommy Stewart
over 30 days ago to Rick Pisano

Hi Rick,
Just listened to your songs, some great blues, really enjoyed listening.


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Rick Pisano
over 30 days ago

Thank you very much Tommy. I have real passion for my music. My very best regards to you.


over 30 days ago to Rick Pisano

My version wound be Don't do the Crime if you can't Pay the Rent :)

over 30 days ago to Rick Pisano

hey rick-i remember seeing the beatles on ed sullivan show also,then the stones and then in concert etc...soul train etc...-peace-joe.

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