Many years ago they had tried to exorcise the demon. But it never had worked. Still they were possessed. Now he's back for another game.

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Freaks of Nature

Band : The Retsej

Genre : Comedy


Good beat , voice sounds evil , almost like a mad scientist .Funny , very funny lyrics.
- zonicburn from Grand Gorge , New York on 10Sep2007

Review of Coca Cola Totally A ... byThe Retsej

Ha ha you got it coke addictive.
You got it - a slimy male character - sounds good. It can make it in a movie. I like it - HakanS from Beddingestrand , Sweden on 5Jan2008

so clear this is crisp and refreshing cont...



Freaks of Nature
Band: The Retsej
Genre:. Comedy

My Very Own Girl Monster
Fourteen minutes of Frankenstein! Wow.
As for a critical review for the songwriter's benefit, this comic piece does develop from the broad Frankenstein statements ( that we all know), into intricate details that Mel Brooks could never even imagine.

I love it when the Monster goes to college! Here is where the writer comments on our society, and the song takes on a multi-level theme. The vocalist keeps in character for the entire song, with a great at specific points, for emphasis.

When the songwriter compares himself to his monster at 4:00, signing him up for an Internet Dating Service with "switched parts", it really caught my interest.

While the production is obviously synthesized, it fits the entire "mechanical/electric" theme of the song, so I think it was a good choice of accompaniment.

I would have preferred to hear a verse/chorus/ bridge format, instead of a rambling "folk" style of storytelling. But that's just me.

Inventing his "sexual" female monster at 7:03 added another layer to the story yet, the melody remains the same. The chord structure is getting repetitious at this point, but I listen for more of these entertaining lyrics.

The phrase in the outro, "I wish she wasn't so ugly, but thanks for loving me anyway" was a perfect wrap for this tune. Happy Halloween! Blast this song from your house this October and I bet you won't be bothered by those silly kids at your door.
-Anchor from Nashville & Hollywood, Almost Heaven on 29Aug2007

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Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to The Retsej

Thank You for the 5* on "Timeless War", story is real I lived it.... again thank you

The Retsej
over 30 days ago to The Retsej

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to The Retsej

Hi, glad to have the Friends Call!
I see you have been on here since 2007!
I joined last year. Had songs selected for use but no £$ as yet!
Which of your songs do you recommend I should listen to?
Of mine, I recommend, "Dear Jane", "The Promise" or "One Night Stand"! (Not the other versions with suffixes after them)
Enjoy my friend

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The Retsej
over 30 days ago

Thanks vmpire I would suggest I know you'd like that one it's so funny comedyinterviewwithavampiremoviebas ed am I really a. Ampire well I assume indeed no introduction I was a youngrrman then iownedaplantation santacruicshiz made my self a bit of a nusanceeating up the santacruzebeachbordwalkers anywayhahahathanksforthesong I've been listening already a lot iloveyourmudic ihavetosayasavampireim extremelyimpressedhahahatakeiteasyi lltktoyousometimesoon yourfriendrandqm

Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

You have a unique way of communicating but hey, we are what we are!
Love to keep in touch!
What songs of yours do you recommend I hear?
You need to hear my latest song, "I see her Dancing" (Tim)

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