Pulse Faction is an Austin, TX based solo project by composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist David Brock. David's critically acclaimed music has won multiple awards and generated considerable interest from the entertainment industries. David's compositions from the soundtrack based album "Rubicon"and all nine songs from his debut album (Pulse Faction: The Celestial Hellgrounds)have been featured worldwide in motion pictures, movie trailers, promos/commercials, hundreds of TV programs, and video games.


David Brock is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, TX. His eclectic soundscape of musical styles range from classical, orchestral, world, downtempo, rock and electronica. David's critically acclaimed music has won multiple awards and generated considerable interest from the entertainment industries. Compositions from the soundtrack based album "Rubicon" and all nine songs from the debut album (Pulse Faction: The Celestial Hellgrounds) have been featured worldwide in motion pictures, movie trailers, commercials, hundreds of television programs, and video games.

Film and Promo Credits

Motion Pictures/Home Video:

The Greater Meaning of Water (2010) (Theatrical Trailer)
Wrestling For Fighting (2009): (UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture's Mixed Martial Arts Instructional DVD)
Steve-O: The Early Years DVD (2005) (Steve-O/Johnny Knoxville/Tommy Lee)
Taking Lives (2004) (Angelina Jolie/Ethan Hawk) DVD Special Features
The Lost Angel (2005) (Judd Nelson/Alison Eastwood/C. Thomas Howell)
The Hulk (2003) (Sam Elliot/Nick Nolte/Eric Bana) DVD Special Features
Nike Football Training DVD (2007)
Battle Planet (2008)
No Pain, No Gain (2005)
Astrothrill (2005)


Rockstar Energy Drink: Mad Max Thirstcutter
Ovation TV: Versailles
Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights
CBS: Hawaii Five-0 "Lekio"
Harley Davidson: "Start Something" Campaign
CBS: The Bold and the Beautiful
CBS: 60 Minutes
CBS: College Basketball
CBS: The Mentalist
CBS: The Late Show w/Craig Ferguson
CBS: CBS Evening News
CBS: Rules of Engagement
CBS: Undercover Boss
CBS: Up to the Minute
CBS: The Young and the Restless
Simon and Schuster
Disney Book Club
SpikeTV: World premier of the major motion picture "Fighting"
Comcast Cable
Greedy Productions: Season Tickets
A&E Channel: Tough Guy Theme
Galafilm Distribution Inc.
Infrastructure of New Zealand: Building Nations
Chili Kitchen
Tallinn Open
Craft Corporation
RADA Electronic Industries LTD. (Tactical Radar Systems)
American Indigo
Anton Skis

Video Games:

Paris Chase (for the PC) Team 6 Game Studios

Custom Scoring:
Healthtronics, INC.


Artists Undiscovered Awards (U.S.A. and Canada):
Awarded: Best Industrial/Electronica Singer
Awarded: Best Industrial/Electronica Musician
Nominated: Best Industrial/Electronica Singer
Nominated: Best Industrial/Electronica Musician
Nominated: Best Industrial/Electronica Songwriter

Commercial Release:

Astrothrill compilation CD and comic book (Fluxus Records)
The Celestial Hellgrounds (Proletarian Records)
Harbinger (Single) (Proletarian Records)
Elemental (Single) (Proletarian Records)
Submachine (Single) (Proletarian Records)
Rubicon (Proletarian Records)



CNN: Spotlight (KISS)
MTV: Avatar (Featurette on the major motion picture Avatar)
MTV: Inception (Featurette on the major motion picture Inception)
MTV: Wanted (Featurette on the major motion picture Wanted)
MTV: Iron man vs Batman (Featurette on the major motion pictures Iron Man and Batman: The Dark Knight)
MTV: Cloverfield (The making of the major motion picture Cloverfield)
MTV: Silent Hill (The making of the major motion picture Silent Hill)
Sci-Fi Channel: The Hulk (The making of the major motion picture The Hulk)
MTV: The World of Aeon Flux (The making of the major motion picture Aeon Flux)
Sci-Fi Channel: Van Helsing: The Man And The Monsters (The making of the major motion picture Van Helsing)
MTV: Zodiac (The making of the major motion picture Zodiac)
Sci-Fi Channel: The Chronicles of Riddick (The making of the major motion picture The Chronicles of Riddick)
MTV: Pan's Labyrinth (Featurette on the making of the major motion picture Pan's Labyrinth)
MTV: Eagle Eye (Featurette on making the major motion picture Eagle Eye)
MTV: I Love You Man (Featurette on making the major motion picture I Love You Man)
NBC: Race Across America
CBS: Howie Do It (2 episodes)
SpikeTV: Disorderly Conduct Video on Patrol (42 episodes)
Discovery Channel: Angels vs Demons (Feature on Dan Brown's Bestselling Book Angels and Demons)
CBS: In Turn 2
Velocity Network: Texas Metal (3 episodes)
MTV: Wow (episode: Kimmese & Suboi)
VH-1: That Metal Show (2 episodes)
MTV: Iggy Viewer Dispatch
Sci-Fi Channel: Gears of War 2 (The making of the video game Gears of War 2)
G4: Fallout 3 (The making of the video game Fallout 3)
Discovery Channel: Rampage!
Nickelodeon: Dude What Would Happen
VH-1: Undateable
G4: Metal Gear Solid 4 (The making of the video game Metal Gear Solid 4)
HBO: Real Sex
Travel Channel: Bert The Conqueror (4 episodes)
SpikeTV: Batman Arkham Asylum (The making of the video game Batman Arkham Asylum)
Discovery Channel: Speed Capitol of the World
A&E Channel: Biography (4 episodes)
Animal Planet: Untamed and Uncut
VH-1: Popaganda
MuchMusic: Spotlight (Linkin Park)
SpikeTV: Wild World of Spike (7 episodes)
E! Channel: True Hollywood Story: The Osbournes
Travel Channel: Extreme Waterparks
A&E Channel: Rollergirls
History Channel: UFO Files
Fox: 99 Most Bizarre
A&E Channel: Gene Simmons' Family Jewels (2 episodes)
NFL Network: NFL Scoreboard
Bravo: 13 Scarier Movie Moments
G4: World Championship Video Game Finals
ZTV (Canada): StreetSmart
ESPN: Rally America 2008
Gameplay HD: The Art of Play (2 episodes)
LXTV: 1st Look (2 episodes)
Plum Television
Travel Channel: Man vs Food (15 episodes)
Travel Channel: Most Terrifying Places in America 2
TLC: Extreme Couponing (4 episodes)
Science Channel: Punkin Chunkin (2 episodes)
Channel 5 (UK): The Gadget Show
Eurosport (France): Extreme Star
RTL (Sweden): Red Bull Crashed Ice
Viva Network (Germany): Game One (2 episodes)
NFL Network: Put Up Your Dukes
NFL Network: Up To The Minute
NFL Network: Around the League
NFL Network: Top 100 Players of 2011
NFL Network: Gameday Monday
NFL Network: The Coaches Show
NFL Network: Total Access
NFL Network: Gameday Final
NFL Network: Gameday Highlights
NFL Network: Red Zone
NFL Network: Path To The Draft
MTV: Programa A Dois:6
MTV: Head To Toe: Kelly Rowland
MTV: Let's Talk About Pep
MTV: Posted Adam Lambert
MTV: The Challenge Fresh Meat
MTV: The Challenge The Ruins

TV CREDITS (Continued)


The History Channel: Modern Marvels
MTV: Scarred
Speed Network: Two Roads to the Taupo 1000
MTV: The Great Debate
MSG Network: 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden
MTV: 6 Degrees (10 episodes)
Travel Channel: Forbes Lux
HGTV: Closet Cases (4 episodes)
Current TV: 7th Amendment
Animal Planet: From Underdog To Wonderdog
Fit TV: Art of the Athlete (two episodes)
National Geographic Channel: Tools of the Trade (3 episodes)
MTV: Diary of Johnny Knoxville
Discovery Channel: Lived To Tell (3 episodes)
National Geographic Channel: Daytona Bike Week
MTV: Live 8 (Global concert event to address the G8 summit and world poverty)
Style Network: I Propose
BBC (UK): Wild Tales
MuchMusic: The Shift
MuchMusic: The Listed 20 Fathers of Heavy Metal
MuchMusic: The New Music
MTV: Iraq Uploaded
MTV: Choose or Lose 2008
History Channel: Engineering Disasters of the 70's
MTV: Greatest Hip Hop Groups Of All Time
VH-1: Hogan Knows Best
Current TV: Current Controversy: Congressman William Jefferson
National Geographic Channel: Need for Speed (2 episodes Bikes/Cars)
Discovery Channel: Rouse Racing Driver X (6 episodes)
VH-1: Fabulous Life
SVT: The Wild Life
National Geographic Channel: Ronald Regan Supercarrier
A&E Channel: Flip This House
VH-1: Vspot Top 20 Video Countdown
NFL Network: Who Is
Discovery Channel: Toys for Millionaires
HGTV: Haulin' House (10 episodes)
MTV: Made (three episodes)
Current TV: Current Edge: Extreme Snowmobiling
MTV: Diary of 50 Cent
TLC: Shoeless Joe's Homerun
MTV: The Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Electronic Arts video game launch party)
National Geographic Channel: Swarms!
VH-1: Supergroup
Travel Channel: Chefs vs. City: Hollywood
WE Network: Secret Lives of Women: Polygamy Cults
National Geographic Channel: Surviving Alcatraz
VH-1: 20 Greatest Celebreality Fights
FuelTV: Red Bull X Fighters: UK
FuelTV: Airforce Monterrey Proximity Flight
FuelTV: Red Bull Big Wave Africa
FuelTV: The Atherton Project
FuelTV: Travis Pastrana: Toasted
MTV: From Game To Fame The CPL World Tour Finals
Lifetime Network: Missing
RalphTV (Austrailia): Endemol Southern Star
MTV2: Steven & Tyson's 24 hour Spring Breakout
NFL Network: Total Access (2 episodes)
Discovery Channel: Urban Explorers (2 episodes)
ESPN: X2day (surf/skateboard series)
MTV: Ishq Deewane
History Channel: Hell: The Devils Domain
Food Network: Chopped (25 episodes)
MTV2: Damage Control
Discovery Channel: Extreme Engineering (4 episodes)
VH-1: Kept
MTV: High School Stories (2 episodes)
Nickelodeon: Hi-Jinks
MTV: Room Raiders (11 episodes)
YES Network: Ultimate Roadtrip (3 episodes)
Speed Channel: Unique Whips (2 episodes)
MTV: G-Hole 5
Discovery Health Channel: The Critical Hour (16 episodes)
MTV: Super Sweet 16 (3 episodes)
A&E Channel: Biography of the Year
MTV: Call To Greatness (3 episodes)
MTV: Cribs (4 episodes)
VH-1: Best Week Ever (11 episodes)
USA Network: Ready for the Weekend Movie (2 episodes)
ESPN: Xtrials (extreme sports series)
MTV: Spring Break Veterans
Fox Network: Fusion TV (extreme sports/alternative)
MTV:Road Rules
Fox Network: Safari Tracks (wildlife series)
MTV:Real World
Macabre Theatre (horror variety show/goth culture)
MTV:Extreme Challenge
SOAP Network: Soapography
MTV:Live Through This
ESPN: B3 (extreme sports)
MTV: Date My Mom (2 episodes)
Spike TV: Game Head (4 episodes)
VH-1: Celebrity Fit Club
Style Network: Clean House
Discovery Channel: Tattoos
Nickelodeon: O'Grady Pre-Pro#1
MTV: Social Security In Milwaukee
Noggin: Girls vs. Boys
Kissmark Network (Japan): Be it! (lifestyle/sports)
MTV: Tr3s Mi Trl
YES Network: Field and Stream Outdoor Challenge
MTV: Trick It Out
NuvoTV: Operation Osmin
The Kellogg Show

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Kiel Snyder
over 30 days ago to Pulse Faction

Awesome man. Digging a lot of these tunes. It's like a marriage of Sevendust and Ministry! Great job.

Kiel Snyder
over 30 days ago to Pulse Faction

Kick ass tune! Great guitar work and layering. Listening on headphones if felt that if the harmonies were mixed a bit hotter it would make the chorus pop a bit more but other than that fantastic man. Great work.

Kiel Snyder
over 30 days ago to Pulse Faction

Very cool tune. Reminds me of Gary Numan's newer stuff which I love. Great texturing.

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