Hello, I am Peter Allen age 60 and today 11/01/2009 is my birthday, and for my birthday I have decided to run for Governor of the State of Florida, www.peter4fl.com yes this is a real campaign, I have been involved in politics for over 30 years, and I founded the Independence Party of Florida just over 10 years ago. so join me in trying to get back to basic's and maybe even send in a small contribution, if all helps, and thanks. PEACE Peter Allen for Governor
PO Box 2206
Riverview, FL. 33568

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As you will see I am very active in many things, at this time I am running for Governor of the State of Florida, I am a member of the Independence Party of Florida, www.ipfl.org and my web site is www.peter4fl.com Please visit my site and and see if you can help, maybe send a few bucks, money is always needed, Thanks PEACE
Peter Allen

Peter Allen (PAX)

Just a little about myself, born 11/1/49 Tampa, FL
at age ten started playing around with mom,s Guitar, and my sisters record player, a single 45 model, I would just sit in my bedroom and listen and try to pick out some of the notes, and after a while I did pretty good, then the sixties
and I was a natural Hippie, long hair, bell botton pants screwed up shirt you know Love and a peace, after enjoying the peace meovement, and learning more about music, I started playing with some of the local bands, never going anywhere, I loved it but no one was very serious about recording, so I quit to, and got married, reaised three great kids, five dogs, four or five cats, rats, fish, hell I don;t know anymore, now that I am a 58 year old Hippie, I felt it was time to share some of my originsl music with the world, so sit back and enjoy, and if you do like it please let me know, and if you don;t Please let me know that too. you can reach me at petallfl@yahoo.com
I an putting together a complete CD of my Music, and hope to have it completed by mid 08, I write, Play, sing, almost all of the instruments you hear except the drums.

Peace Peter Allen ( PAX)The Latin word pāx means "peace". It is also the name of the goddess of Peace in Roman mythology.

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