Paul Taneja's recent album, CITY NIGHTS is raw indie-rock journey into the scattered, and sometimes irrational thoughts that make up your brain when you've got your eye on a special person, but can't figure out how to get him/her. It's also an album just as effective at going along with you for the ride during a heart wrenching break up. This album is not for the cheery, bubbly, perfect, pretentious, materialistic, or glamorous. It's for the honest, complicated, confused, and lonely. Rather than hide behind typical safe, listener friendly, feel good words, Paul Taneja would rather just belt out songs about how people REALLY feel. The album CITY NIGHTS drips with blood and tears, not to mention some late night chemicals and quite a bit of booze. You've been through the ridiculous mind numbing path where up is down, left is right, and the center of the Earth is....well, the center of the Earth. Check out the album and you might get lost in a lot of your own experiences.


Relying on a melodic astuteness absent from most emerging bands, Paul Taneja investigates and, ultimately, rejoices in the lonely passions of youth. The vocals evoke a decidedly melancholy spirit, but the drums and guitar propel the music forward with a sense of urgency that leaves no time for tears. Not content to simply wallow in misery, Paul Taneja takes the listener on a voyage beyond the traditional rock n' roll atmosphere in search of something beyond the here and now. During the arduous musical journey, several of his songs have been screened by successful professionals in the music industry and have been forwarded to various record labels, radio stations, and music supervisors. Procuder and writer Terence Dover, who was pivotal in developing the careers of Avril Levigne and Vanessa Carlton, recognized potential in Paul Taneja's talent and spent a week producing a song with Paul and his band. Paul Taneja's music has also received radio airplay at on a play list with Radiohead, Beck, Wilco, and Damien Rice. In addition, Paul's producer/drummer was in a local band for many years and has shard the stage with bands such as the Violent Femmes, Veruca Salt, Sum 41, Collective Soul, and Alter Bridge.


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