Abe Vandenberg (abeslogic project) and
Christopher Candito created the original music for

Hawai‘i: Message in the Waves, a BBC production, showcases the tireless efforts of Iokepa Naeole (Maui canoe-club instructor and cultural specialist), Captain Charles Moore (the founder of Algalita Marine Research Foundation), and Morgan Hoesterey (diver/swimmer/surfer) as they fight a literally growing tide of marine debris, coral-reef destruction, and other threats to Hawai‘i’s natural world.

Directed in an eclectic surf film style, "Message in the Waves"
gives a breathtaking view, from Maui to the
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument,
telling a story of how today’s island protectors reach back to ancient concepts of land stewardship, in a battle whose
outcome is unfortunately undecided


Move On

The Nomadic Profusion album "MOVE ON" is an independently produced musical experience winding through (at least) Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Rock with Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Saxophones,
Keyboards, Bass, and Percussion,
featuring Christopher Candito and Abe Vandenberg
with a song each from Nick Vandenberg and David Candito.

Within Nomadic Profusion we have music that is Chris's brain child, music dreamt up in Abe’s head, and some sounds created as pure collaboration.
The end result is that each recording has its own feel and texture.


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