Putting aside their massive egos to form an incredible alliance, the members of NoCo bonded together after a near-lame experience at a Fallout Boy concert. Fleeing for their lives and barely escaping with their ears intact, Jack, Justin, and William realized they had a duty - nay destiny - to restore hope to the rock faithful by holding themselves to higher standards of musicianship and songwriting.

Launching from their secret headquarters just outside the nation's capital, NoCo banded together to cleanup the streets and save rock music... because bad music is criminal.

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NoCo is an alternative rock trio from Silver Spring, Maryland who started playing together in 2000 while attending the University of Maryland. The most recent addition to the lineup was Will Bowen on drums in September 2006. The chemistry between the members of the band has allowed for prolific songwriting and energetic live shows that have strengthened NoCo's reputation.

The band's most recent release, "Pull the Plug", sheds light on the more mature side of the band's songwriting abilities. The songs were professionally recorded at Cue Studios, which has numerous platinum credits.


The band cites Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sevendust, AFI, Foo Fighters, and Thrice as some of its many influences.


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