The Last Producer left. Still creating beats live, without the aid of old samples and computer synthesizers. The style of instrumentals created range from Timbaland to Cool & Dre. Able to make the dopest club hit, to the hardest lyrical song. All of the instrumentals are original, creative, and in your face. Please enjoy, and tell everyone you know.

Diamond in the rough

A Bay Area native, Nick Lynch taught himself how to play the piano and read music when he was 9 years old, and thus Nickel N Dime productions was created. At age 10 he learned the saxophone and began to compose songs for his school band to play. When Nick turned 11, his cousin bought a Dr. Ryhthm drum machine, and from that day forward, he was hooked. His cousin would eventually stop making music and let Nick produce his tracks. As he grew, so did his understanding of music composition as well as his studio. He went from a tascam 4 track and a casio to now working on Pro Tools, as well as countless amounts of keyboards and drum/sound modules. Sorry fake sampling allowed in his studio.
A survivor of cancer, Nick knows the true meaning of perseverance and struggle. Though humble in life, if you ask Nick about his music, he will tell you that he is the greatest unknown out there.
Now a 22 years young producer, Nick is ready for any and all projects. He is a hungry, determined, and versatile musician, ready to display his talent for the world to enjoy.

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