Personal Profile:

Full Name: CHINO
Date of Birth: September 19,
Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama

Fishing, Billiards, Writing songs, Making beats

Musical Aspirations

I would like to be recognized as a talented musician, both as a producer and an artist. My passions lie with Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B, but I do appreciate other various styles of music. I have worked hard on my own vocals and rhythms. I enjoy assisting other artists and passing on the things that I have learned over the years in this business. I would like to trade in my home recording area for a professional studio where I can continue to help fellow musicians reach their goals and aspirations. Maybe in time, I’ll have the opportunity to add my own record label to my envisioned recording studio.


Born third of four children to an underprivileged family, my parents Richard ‘Rick’ and Debra did the best they could to raise us. Recently our family lost the oldest son in a tragic accident, but this has made our family stronger than ever. I had a hard time making close friends as a young boy, because we frequently moved around so much. With no constant friendships to occupy my time, I turned to music. I believe this is where my love of music began. As a young adult, I was able to travel a great deal from Birmingham to Cali, and even to New York City, and a few other places in between, unfortunately, spending some of those traveling days bound within the legal system. I have experienced many different cities and the life styles that their streets have had to offer.I became tired of falling into the same situations that I knew as a child. I looked towards my faith in hopes that God would lead me down the right path. My experiences, decisions, and faith have shown me that I can change my path. They have also shown me that I can inspire others to do the same through music.

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