An annointed Woman of God and psalmist. With a praise on her lips and worship in her heart she will sing unto the Lord a new song.

I'm In Love

I would like to extend a thank for coming to visit my website and listening to the psalms of my heart that God placed in me as a form of worship to him. I'M IN LOVE was a vision that god laid on my heart early in my life that has now come to past. This ministry thru music is to reach out to the hearts of the younger generation letting them know about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thru psalms. In today's world we have forgotten about the peer pressures, temptations and struggles that we the younger generation face, but remember that no matter what comes your way and no matter how many times that you stumble and fall. We serve a awesome and a forgiving God that is righteous and just. Now is the season to get radical for Christ going out reaching the byways and highways telling souls about the love of Jesus Christ and the wonderful things God has in store for the world as Christians.

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