Nick's early aptitude for music led him to take up the classical guitar, attending summer schools with Julian Byzantine. In 1986 he changed direction and began learning the Paraguayan harp. Nick has traveled to Paraguay several times to study the background to the instrument and to have more lessons.

Nick has performed professionally on the harp for many years & has given lecture recitals as well as appearing several times on BBC Local Radio. One of his albums of Latin American favourites, has been released by a major record producer.

He has composed many instrumentals as potential film themes, and is now working with his partner Flynn, writing instrumentals, songs and lyrics. Flynn is a talent lyricist and professional numerologist. They have recently teamed up with Prof. Mark Briggs, to help with writing and orchestrating their music.

Six of their compositions were recently selected for the semi - finals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2014.
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