Neil Ebanks is one of the few quality pop/dance/RnB producers out of Nashville. CA has Dr. Luke. NYC has Benny Blanco. Nashville has Neil Ebanks. Trying to match his #1 Billboard successes of '09, Neil has been writing and producing for some of the country's most promising talent, as well as pursuing a number of placements in film and TV. Contact Neil at 954.558.3511 or by email at

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We just finished up two new productions: One for an artist in the style of Kesha - - and one in the style of Usher / Ne-Yo / Bieber - - Please check them out!

Neil Ebanks, Writer, Producer

Neil Ebanks, creator and director of, produces songwriter demos in all genres and styles. In addition, Neil is a up and coming songwriter, writing and producing for up and coming artists. Most recently, Neil is working for McGann Publishing, writing for R&B sensation, Christelle, and had #1s on Billboard's Top R&B Albums and other Billboard charts. Neil also composes album ReMixes for artists, and writes and produces jingles for ad campaigns. Check out for more info.


hi Neil, congratulation man on the elliot roots contest....good job

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Thanks plenty, man. I appreciate the props! :)

Congratulations on your win...Beautiful song! Robert

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Thanks Robert! :)

Thank you for your well thought of critique, God Bless!

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